Villena: “It would be very serious” failing to respect the referendum

ERBOL reports in Pagina Siete:

Villena: “It would be very serious” failing to respect the referendum

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 8.44.00 AMFormer Ombudsman, Rolando Villena, expressed concern at the intention of the Movement Toward Socialism [MAS}, and President Evo Morales, of holding another referendum to make possible the Chief Executive to run for one additional term. He said the results of the constitutional referendum are binding and must be respected.

“I see this with great concern that the decision of the referendum of February 21st is binding, it would be very serious not to respect our democracy. They say this has not been serious, which has been a trial balloon, now comes a second. It’s a risk, not only by economic cost accounting, a second referendum has a social implication, high politics,” he said.

He added that the population is giving “clear signs” of rejecting the decision of a new public consultation, so the government should not risk other results that may not be what the authorities and the president expected.

Weeks ago, the governor of Oruro, Victor Vasquez, said that after the alleged lies that were spread about Gabriela Zapata case, concerning an alleged child whose father would be Morales, the president needed redress through a second referendum.

The world now understands the real drive of the coca grower caudillo! He gives a damn about compliance with the law and respect of democracy.

His acolytes wish to continue to benefit from the indiscriminate misuse of public funds and power leisures … and ALL of them fear jail for all their corrupt and irresponsible acts!

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