How important is Bolivia to the USA Government?

Bolivia USA flagsThere are a number of us who think and feel the opposite of the coca grower caudillo. We have friends, family, education, jobs and fun in the USA and share our lives with our American friends and families. No doubt about that, despite the insane hatred that the masismo expressed for the last 10 years to the USA.

So, I was browsing at the web, trying to find out news the international media have for Bolivia, the latest news … and sadly enough there wasn’t many, only sports related …

Not even the threat of the ruling party’s mob to take over the American Consulate in Santa Cruz, made the news …

Not even the Department of State had anything official to say in its website:

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 9.01.39 AM

if you look at this chart, the number of releases about Bolivia has dramatically been reduced … we are officially addressed only in our National Independence Day, we became just a formality, out of politeness and old traditional-historic ties.

Due to the populist, demagogue discourse of this egocentric leader, who emulates Castro, Chavez and Maduro in their histrionic poses against capitalism, this caudillo attacks the “empire,” demeaning free enterprise, freedom of expression and wants to control everything. There are over 700 Bolivians that fled the country out of political persecution.

Of course, all these ochlocracy do is only plain demagogue; these “socialists” of the 21st century don’t hesitate to live like kings, wearing expensive jewelry and clothing, traveling all over, fooling people with empty promises. In Bolivia alone, they managed to waste over $150 billion dollars since they came to power, back in 2006. The best economic times ever under the worst possible type of government. Millions of dollars lost to state-owned enterprises, with some already bankrupt. Many unsolved corruption and influence peddling cases, are Bolivian sad reality.

Sometimes, my friends and relatives tell me … “why does the US put up with this clown? why can’t the US help us in any way? … we don’t want to be another Venezuelan-destroyed-society, starving and filled with crime and violence? … why don’t they help us?” they say the often and I have to remind them that Bolivia as a geopolitical state does not count among the international arena … not even if the cocalero says will bring Iran, Russia “aid” … even with nuclear power “projects” … not even despite the humongous cocaine trade that make Bolivia a world threat, nothing seems to happen, we are just irrelevant or tiny.

So, here we are stuck with this “dictator” after loosing a referendum that he pushed to continue to remain as president, he relentlessly pushes against what democracy expressed: NO to him, he should step out at the end of his third mandate, ending in 2019.

Not even mentioning he lied repeatedly about not running again for the presidency. He made changes to the Constitution and he hoped to do it again, but he lost on February 21! The people of Bolivia said NO to him.

One thing is clear so far: The USA government has other more important countries to deal with, rather than paying attention to Bolivia, our loss…


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