ILO urges Bolivian government to consult for salary increases! Enough of cheap demagogue!

El Diario reports:

ILO urges tripartite dialogue

Government must consult for salary increases

• The Committee on the Application of Standards requires government authorities to carry out “in-depth consultations” with employers and workers to define increments

• The CEPB requires the Government to redirect the policy of salary increases affecting private entrepreneurs, which is why the sector described these measures as unjust and unacceptable

The Committee on the Application of Standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO) decided to urge the Bolivian Government to proceed without delay to carry out in-depth consultations in good faith with employers ‘and workers’ organizations on minimum wage fixing.

The determination of the ILO gave the reason for the demand of private entrepreneurs on the tripartite dialogue, after a long debate in which delegates of the Confederation of Private Employers of Bolivia (CEPB), the Ministry of Labor and the Workers’ Confederation participated. Bolivian (COB).

It was established that the Bolivian private sector has been excluded by the Government from the exhaustive consultations and under equal conditions, of the process of setting national minimum wages, established in Convention 131.

For the president of the CEPB, Ronald Nostas, the exhaustive consultation or tripartite dialogue is a right, a necessity and an obligation for the Government, because it is unacceptable, unjust and irrational for the increases to be applied arbitrarily, without taking them into account.

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