Government report did not reflect the reality of the country

El Diario reports, picture from the internet:

  • On 13 years of government administration, President Evo Morales in his speech made a comparison of macroeconomic data of previous administrations with his government
  • Opposition politicians criticized the report, describing it as repetitive, lacking reality and without self-criticism. Meanwhile, the medical sector questioned the announcement of investments for health

The management report of President Evo Morales presented yesterday [01/22/2019] before the Legislative was criticized by opposition politicians, who described as repetitive, lacking in reality and without a self-criticism and that does not reflect the reality that the country is living. In the opportunity, the chief executive spoke of the sea, promised development, but avoided the crucial issues.

He also related macroeconomic data, grouped all previous governments and compared them with the last thirteen years of his administration, but did not mention the Political Constitution of the State, the result of the referendum of February 21, 2016 and its renomination.

Opposition leaders Oscar Ortiz, Samuel Doria Medina and Víctor Hugo Cárdenas criticized President Evo Morales’ report, for not acknowledging his mistakes, lacking self-criticism, being disappointing and having nothing more to offer the country.

The economists Ernesto Bernal, Germán Molina, José Gabriel Espinoza and José Luis Evia stated, separately, that the president did not modify his report, since it is similar to the previous ones, that is to say in the same line, it was a nominal economic report and with several omissions in between, and announcements to increase public spending as well as external public debt.

On the other hand, doctors continue to observe lack of resources, equipment, items for professionals and many other conditions to start up the new health insurance. In addition, the Medical College questioned the investment announced by the Government for health.

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