Organize street fight against Evo enablement

El Deber reports:


The president of the Committee for Santa Cruz summoned civic people from different regions to an organizational meeting for tomorrow

The civic from Santa Cruz asked the electoral leaders not to be accomplices of the violation of popular sovereignty

The civic leaders of Santa Cruz have summoned their peers from other regions of Bolivia to organize a street response, with protests and all kinds of pressure measures, for December against the possible qualification of the candidacy of Evo Morales for a fourth consecutive term, despite the result of the referendum of February 21, 2016, which said No to his re-nomination.

This was reported yesterday by Fernando Cuéllar, Santa Cruz civic leader, who said that on Wednesday, October 31 in the morning, his peers from Potosí, Sucre, Cochabamba and Tarija, among other representatives, will be in Santa Cruz to make decisions regarding the strategy of the MAS, since, according to him, “the party of Evo Morales wants to violate the sovereignty of the people, which was expressed on February 21, 2016 in a referendum and that set limits to excessive political ambition.”

According to Cuéllar, the total stoppage of activities announced by the civic institutions of Santa Cruz continues to be on December 5, when the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) has three days to publish the list of pre-candidates eligible for January 27th primary elections. Among them, the case of the binomial that the MAS decided to present must be resolved: Evo Morales-Álvaro García Linera.

The position of the MAS

And while the civics of Santa Cruz warn with measures of pressure to prevent the Electoral Body from giving effect to the empowerment of Morales, the MAS closes ranks and demands that the electoral vowels obey the sentence of November 28, 2017 issued by the Plurinational Constitutional Court (TCP).

The government tries to close any option that prevents the repostulation of Evo Morales. For example, yesterday, the president of the Senate, Milton Barón, said that “nothing has to do or interpret the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, (because) there is a constitutional sentence that in a State of law like the one in which we live, must be complied.”

His speech repeats the line of argument of the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Gabriela Montaño, and Vice President Álvaro García Linera, who, in an interview with EL DEBER, denied launching threats against the Full Chamber of the TSE, but indicated that they must obey the constitutional decision of November 28 and that the Government would enforce what is stated in the Political Constitution of the State and the laws.

In contrast, Cuellar recalled sending a letter to the Electoral Body demanding that they respect and enforce the results of the 21-F referendum and that, otherwise, “the citizens will judge their names in history: they can be arbiters who faithfully respect the will of the majority in the polls or accomplices of the most terrible violation of popular sovereignty, expressed in a referendum “.

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