The other Evo Morales

William Herrera writes in El Deber:

The events of this August 6 showed the other Evo Morales, with a very short, well structured, conciliatory speech, showing security, confidence and projecting future. Unlike the past 13 years, now he did not denounce the country he sells, he did not confront, he did not expand on figures and statistics, he did not insist on his old slogans of blaming our misfortunes on US imperialism; on the contrary, he invoked and summoned businessmen, spoke of modernity and national reconciliation.

The president mentioned having a nice plan designed, not only with a view to 2025, but much further, that will move the national and international economy. He does not want to be the best president in the history of Bolivia, but the president of the best Bolivia in our history. He did not close his speech (as so many other times) with the nothing original nor Bolivian refrain: “homeland or death, we will win.”

He did not speak, however, of the economic slowdown due to the fall in international prices of raw materials, the drastic reduction in gas production and the significant export reduction to the markets of Argentina and Brazil. Nor did he mention fiscal and commercial deficits and high external indebtedness, neither about the “multidimensional poverty,” which contrast with the economic boom projected by the leaders. He barely mentioned the new cases of corruption, drug trafficking, dirty war, the election process, the Electoral Court, the horror of justice, the high percentages of femicides, etc.

The president’s changes have been accentuated as the temperature of the campaign rises with a view to October 20, even earlier. Some time ago he had no qualms about attending a Catholic Church and receiving communion from some “neoliberal” priest, which he apparently had never done (at least as president). The most surprising thing has been to stop going to Venezuela and participate in the Sao Paulo Forum, something strange because at some point it was even suggested that he had to assume the political leadership of the Socialism of the XXI Century, given the condemnation and detention of Lula da Silva.

This departure from the Forum of Sao Paulo, shows that the “de facto marriage” between the governments of Maduro and Evo Morales has cooled and to some extent frozen. The excuse that he was “a little sick”, as García Linera reported, is nothing more than a diplomatic excuse (which does not exempt that there is a fluid communication underground, for common interests and outstanding debts, because Hugo Chavez put an exclusive plane for Evo Morales and made the lobby on his first visit to Europe as president-elect). He surprised by adopting a street dog, trying to show some human sensibility, which he had never looked before.

All human beings have positive and negative aspects that appear more strongly when we become public figures. The obvious is that some politicians present, in a campaign, a facet of their personality, which usually fades when they assume or retain the wonderful instrument of power. Regarding the metamorphosis of Evo Morales, in the Nicaraguan elections of 2006, Daniel Ortega dressed in white, read the Bible, sang psalms, resembled more a preacher than a politician, projected the image of someone seeking consensus in Nicaragua. While Daniel Ortega projected himself as a good boy, the opposition pulling their eyes off. Any resemblance to our reality is pure coincidence.

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