The exodus of Bolivian taxpayers or their relentless annihilation?!

Humberto Vacaflor writes in El Diario:

Exodus of taxpayers

Humberto VacaflorMuch more important than the re-re-re-election of a leader born in Orinoca, but emerged from the illegal coca of the Chapare, is the mass exodus of Bolivian companies into the informal sector.

It is that this has to do with the existence of the Bolivian state. The day taxpayers disappear, the Bolivian State would be gone; this territory will become a new Somalia, where only illegal activities survive.

Let’s see the figures. According to official data, in 2014 there were 151,134 private enterprises that paid taxes. The following year, in 2015, there were only 93,394 companies, showing a fall of 38%. This means that four out of ten companies passed the formal sector to the informal between those two years.

At this rate, in two or three years they will not be private businesses that pay taxes. The country will shelter, from that moment, only informal enterprises, as well as illegal and criminal.

This is what happened to Somalia, in Africa, where the State disappeared. The lords of the illegal activities had concluded that the state was a hindrance.

What is scaring Bolivian companies? A perverse tax system, perhaps designed to discourage them, so that they will survive only state enterprises, informal and illegal.

That a company be fined 11 million dollars, as happened to the CBN brewery, and a fine of 4 million, as was the case of the sugar mill Guabirá, disproportionate amounts, reveals that this is a plan to make them all disappear. The “minor” fines of hundreds, drown medium and small enterprises. And push them to the informal sector.

A revealing fact: Huanuni mining company is bankrupt, but the “workers”, a name that also have the “jucus”, the mineral thieves, decided to make a contribution of Bs380,000 for the campaign of the president. A state enterprise, but formally bankrupt, while those who do not pay taxes afford to give donations, but to give, not just to anybody, but a government that is an ally of the illegals.

This is an issue that deserves more press. Perhaps after the referendum does.

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