evo’s MAS attacks the 21F collectives, Bolivia democracy is under serious peril!

Maria Carballo reports for Pagina Siete, related photo and cartoons appear below:

The MAS attacks the 21F collectives from three fronts

Jacinto Herrera, executive of the CSUTCB, said that the organizations no longer support the protests of “Bolivia said No”. The platforms reject the attack.

The Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) attacks the 21F collectives from three fronts. Social sectors yesterday expressed questions about citizen platforms, a minister compared them to a drunkard, and a legislator called the activists “fascist and anti-democratic” activists.

The executive of the Single Trade Union Confederation of Peasant Workers of Bolivia (CSUTCB), Jacinto Herrera, said that social organizations related to masism are tired of supporting the platforms that defend 21F.

The leader gave a press conference yesterday on behalf of the Unity Pact and referred to the movement by the 21F, which announced its presence at the civic events of August 6, to be held in Potosí.

“We will also be on August 6 in Potosí, surely they will be making some noise against the President and they are in the right to do it, but we want to tell them not to provoke the confrontation, because we have been enduring a long time, that they do not provoke, because they are going to find us,” threatened Herrera.

He explained that it is impossible to control all the members of an organization and that if some, “unitarily,” decide to “respond” to the collectives, they will do so. “We can not continue to endure the provocation, because people will react there and that is not good for the people,” he said.

On the other hand, the executive of the Bartolinas, Secundina Flores, criticized the actions of the collectives. “They are small groups that do not want our country to progress. You have to say from here: those little groups are always going to be messing around, fucking,” she said, according to ERBOL.

The Minister of Defense, Javier Zavaleta, referred to the demonstrations that defend the 21F as a drunk that ruins a party. “They are the same security measures that are applied as in any party, if a drunk comes to scrub your party, the first thing you will do is take it out of the party,” said Zavaleta.

In this regard, Iván Arias, a 21F activist, said that the organizations only comply with the “orders” of Morales, who said at the Forum in Sao Paulo (Cuba) that the internal and external enemies must be identified. “Thus, from Cuba comes the message that Evo will follow the path of Nicaragua and Venezuela where governments do not see free-thinking citizens, but enemies that must be fought and eliminated,” he said.

On Tuesday, the head of the MAS parliamentary group, deputy David Ramos, said: “The provocation comes from the 21F activists, they are fascist and anti-democratic groups financed by the right.”

The rector of the UMSA, Waldo Albarracín, recalled that the platforms never showed “violent attitudes” and that they are peaceful. “They want to restrict freedom of expression, which is a constitutional right and, moreover, human. It’s unfortunate,” he added.

The former ombudsman Rolando Villena said that with this attitude, organizations related to the MAS, show that “they are at their worst”. “They are the ones who are inciting violence, we only defend democratic principles,” he said.

The Minister of Government, Carlos Romero, informed that there will be “nothing special” regarding the police deployment in Potosí, on August 6. “They have the right to do so (to protest), they are not committing any type of aggression, nor exercising violence, there is no reason to take these measures,” said the official, who exhorted social organizations not to provoke or make statements that incite to violence. “It should not be noted that they will respond to provocations, in any way,” he said.

Controversial announcements?

Fight. In an official ceremony, held in Yungas, on July 10, Vice President Álvaro García Linera referred to the 21F debate and said that the fight is one of “q’aras against Indians.”

A “chutazos.” Two days later, President Evo Morales said that if he were a Yungas coca grower, he would “kick out” the defenders of the results of 21F.

Incognito. Last Monday, the MAS militants marched in masks and with sticks in their hands to warn the platforms that they will “annihilate” them in 2019.


The following opinion belongs to Bolivian Thoughts:

MAS has NO respect for democracy and given they held absolute control of ALL State powers and funds (over $160 billion dollars wasted), they now are in panic. And of course this ochlocracy has to behave the same ways the Maduros, Ortegas of the “socialists of the 21 century.”

This photo portrays Vedia with a group of masked men who threaten our democracy:

This cartoon is from Pagina Siete, 7/18/2018:

You can see the violent message: “we will defend the process at all cost!!”

This is from El Deber, 7/18/2018:

It portrays the cave-men discourse of the MAS that steadily goes to autocracy and eventually a dictatorship. Long gone are the days when evo was “sold” to the public as the Bolivian “Mandela” …

This is from Correo del Sur, 7/19/2018:

evo offered to kick out anyone who thinks differently, namely:21F collectives.

This is from El Potosi,  7/19/2018:

This one reflects the interpretation Javier Zabaleta, that any one who defends the results of the Referendum of February 21, 2016, should be handle as any drunk crashing into a party. And the people, holding the sing “Bolivia said NO,” says “that is, now I am a drunk??”

This is from Pagina Siete, 7/19/2018:

A drunken masista, filled by the nursing bottle of power saying: “your presence bothers me”

This is fro Opinion, 7/19/2018:

The police chief, while brown nosing evo, tying evo’s shoe laces, says: “21F activists, you are warned”

And there are more … Bolivian society is facing what Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, are now suffering … we do not want to reach those deadly limits …



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