IF this doesn’t show how corrupt evo is … I don’t know what else could it be?!

El Diario reports:

He met with state communicators

Evo Morales will use public officials for electoral campaign

Law 026 of the Electoral Regime prohibits public servants from using State resources and assets for partisan political purposes.

President Evo Morales after the meeting held with public officials responsible for the communication units of the governorates and municipalities who are under his political party, announced that they designed an electoral campaign strategy on social networks to ensure his re-election in the presidential elections 2019.

“Early this morning we were meeting with some press officers from our governorships and mayorships throughout Bolivia, good experiences. We are ready for the digital battle, which is important, but we are going to fight hard with the truth and not with the lie as the right does,” revealed the President from Cochabamba.

With those words, the Bolivian Head of State made reference to the electoral campaign that the Government will carry out in favor of his candidacy despite the fact that it is observed because it does not obey the result of the Constitutional Referendum of February 21, 2016 and Article 168 of the Political Constitution of the State.

Morales, as on previous occasions spoke of the impact that social networks have on society and admitted that the way to engage in the electoral political campaign, has changed in recent years.

“The way of campaigning has changed. Before it was that who concentrates more people, won, but now who is more in social networks, wins,” said Evo Morales and lamented that radical sectors of the country in defense of 21F, which refers to the outcome of the 2016 referendum, attack with lies, which trigger in vandalism in many cases.

On the other hand, Morales defended his candidacy for the 2019 elections, considering himself the “best player” of the elections and even comparing himself with international soccer stars, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

“They say you have to get out of the list of candidates (the official binomial), of course, want to get the best players, (but) to see someone tell the Argentine team that you have to get Messi out, how they will pull out the best player in the Argentine national team, that’s impossible; or that someone says in Portugal you have to remove Cristiano Ronaldo and not play (that can not happen),” he said.

He added that the right wing only wants to get the “best players” out of the next elections because they are afraid, but not of Morales or his companion Álvaro García Linera, but the Bolivian people.

In the referendum of February 21, 2016, the majority of Bolivians opposed a new nomination by President Morales and Vice President García Linera; however, the ruling party continued to insist on its objective until, through a judicial appeal, the Tribunal Constitutional allows the indefinite re-nomination of the elected authorities.


I. It is prohibited in the electoral campaign:
a) Use goods, resources and services of public institutions.


I. Public servants of any hierarchy are prohibited from:
a) To use goods, resources and services of public institutions in electoral propaganda, both in public campaign events and through messages paid in mass or interactive media.
b) Hinder or prevent the performance of public events of electoral campaign of any political organization in public spaces throughout the national territory.
c) Make or order discounts from the payroll of public officials for the financing of electoral propaganda.
d) Conduct electoral campaign, by any means, in public institutions.

II. When the violation of any of these prohibitions is verified, the competent Electoral Tribunal will send antecedents to the Comptroller General of the State for the determination of the responsibilities that correspond. In the case of appointed public servants and servants, antecedents will be sent to the competent hierarchical body to arrange their dismissal.


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