Illegal interim appointments persist in Bolivian public sector

El Diario reports:

Illegal interim appointments persist in public sector

• Democrat Unit asks the MAS to begin with the institutionalization of state-owned enterprises.

Eight years after the Political Constitution of the State (CPE) has been in force, at least ten positions of state entities that must be designated by means of convocations and proposals prepared by the Legislative Assembly are still in the hands of interim authorities, including Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB).

According to paragraph 12 of article 159 of the Constitution, the Lower Chamber of Congress is empowered to propose to the President for the appointment of presidents of economic and social entities and other positions in which the State participates, by absolute majority.

Among the 10 cases of interim authorities are YPFB, Central Bank of Bolivia, Bolivian Mining Corporation, National Customs, National Tax Services, Bolivian Port Services Administrator, Bolivian Highway Administration, National Hydrocarbons Agency, Bolivian Hydrocarbons Industrialization Company and Supervisory Authority of the Financial System.


After the withdrawal of Guillermo Achá from the presidency of state oil company YPFB, the opposition Democratic Unit (UD) considers that it is time for the Legislative Assembly, controlled by the MAS, to institutionalize more than 30 positions of authorities to place an end 12 years of interludes. Of these, there is a constitutional sentence that indicates the maximum duration of 90 days to exercise an interim appointment. After that lapse, his acts are illegal.

Senate President Jose Alberto Gonzales said it is not on the agenda to address the issue and when the time comes it will surely be treated, but he shares that view and takes it as a challenge to work on.

He said that in the case of YPFB is a delicate and sensitive issue because it is an emblem of the process of change that requires great care, taking into account that at least 6 to 8 presidents went through that entity.

He hoped that the new authority would be able to do free management of other issues that left several other presidents in jeopardy and pondered the willingness of the new YPFB president to accept all transparency systems.

Meanwhile, Democratic Unit (UD) bench chief Edwin Rodríguez said that there are at least 30 institutions with interim appointments, all of them masistas because they raise their left arm when they are sworn-in.

He pointed out that the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Gabriela Montaño, should put on the agenda so that authorities can be elected, because YPFB “is a time bomb, where there are functional servers to the MAS” that does a political handling, instead of an efficient administrative work.

Opposition congressman, MP, Gonzalo Barrientos lamented that the government and the MAS have taken YPFB as a political booty, where there are relatives of ministers and a series of acts of corruption, which diminishes competitiveness because they lack professional people.

He believes that instead of refounding Yacimientos as requested by the 2004 referendum, the MAS “has ruined it and that is why we are where we are, with promises of 12 years ago to investigate the hiring process.”

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