Caricaturas de lo que pasa en Bolivia – Cartoons that show what is happening in Bolivia

Estos dibujos representan lo que esta ocurriendo en Bolivia – These cartoons represent what is happening in Bolivia

November 8, 2019

Correo del Sur from Sucre:

From a newspaper in Sucre: evo with his VP, worrying about the letter that is coming, requesting them to quit office, VP is also loosing his mind as yesterday he “used” the Bible and made horrendous mistakes, misquotes, ending up in ridicule.

El Potosi: evo saying he is about to laugh, when they use religion to discriminate his “brothers” while he is stepping on the indigenous people …

Pagina Siete from La Paz: Bolivia is about to explode!

Opinion from Cochabamba: The high tower built by evo, another proof of his egocentrism, looking at Luis Fernando Camacho, the Mailman … with the letter for the resignation of evo and a Bible, to restores the Bible that was cast out of the Bolivian Palacio Quemado, when evo assumed office.

El Dia from Santa Cruz: Another great civic leader is Mr. Marco Pumari, from Potosi, at a time in the Open Council in La Paz, when he mentioned that heretic people were forced to grab the Bible, given Camacho’s speech, Pumar made fun of current VP.

El Deber from Santa Cruz: Minister of Defense, Zabaleta, standing on his warning of an escalation of violence, he said that dozens of people will be death if they continue to protest. He has a label in his chest, defense of his job, mocking he is the Defense minister …while there are many dynamites being sent towards protesters, he condoned the use of dynamites by the hordes of his party.

Los Tiempos from Cochabamba: Making a call to The International Court of Justice, at The Hague, to say that there is another international organization (OAS) that does not inspire us any trust.

El Diario from La Paz: rats abandoning the ship of the masismo, evo in a sinking ship …

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