Bolivia endures Post Office service disaster! … of course, “thanks” to evo!

Humberto Vacaflor writes in El Diario:

Economic analysis

Post Office Disaster

Since February [2018], Bolivia is the only country in the world that does not have a postal service, because the government of President Evo Morales decided to close the service that existed and “replace” it with one that does not finish functioning.

Citizens living in Europe report that they can not send any correspondence to the country and that the officials of those countries tell them that they do not receive correspondence “neither to Bolivia nor to countries that are at war”.

According to ATB and ABI, at this moment the packages that Bolivians buy abroad through the Internet take between four and six months to arrive, precisely because of the lack of a postal service in Bolivia.

The authorities of the MAS that closed the Bolivian Postal Company, Ecobol, which was founded a year before the Republic of Bolivia, said that “in a few months” the “Bolivian postal agency” would start operating, but six months have passed and that does not happen. Officials of companies in charge of purchases abroad told ATB that Bolivian citizens who make purchases via Internet must choose, at the time of doing the operation, to request that the shipment be made by mail or by DHL. The private company that operates in the whole world, of German origin, said one of those officials, puts in small letters, very small, that the cost of the service is different.

In the end, says Gonzalo Carvajal, an official of an import company interviewed by ATB, it happens that the buyer must pay, for having used the DHL service, between four and five times the price of the product just for transportation. With the addition that the package in question will arrive with a delay of between four and six months, for which the company DHL puts at your service a system by which you can monitor where the package in question is. And when it has reached your hands, you should know that the transport service, plus extra storage of DHL, has cost between four and six times the equivalent of the price of the product purchased.

All the inhabitants of the world have the ease of shopping online, except for Bolivians, since the MAS government decided to close the mail and “replace” it with a service that it has not yet been able to organize. Only one system that existed since 1824 in Bolivia should be reorganized. Perhaps the company had problems with the appearance of the Internet, which eliminated the letters, but in return the Internet itself offered, as to all the world’s emails, the lifeline of the Internet shopping packages.

But masistas officials have not been able to do that simple thing. And to think that they also have to deal with YPFB and Comibol.

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