Quispe: MAS ‘is corpse without soul and stinks’ to corruption

Erbol reports:

Calls for freedom for 37 “political prisoners”

Quispe: MAS ‘is corpse without soul and stinks’ to corruption

The ex-leader peasant Felipe Quispe Huanca “El Mallku”, through his Facebook account, alluded in past hours to the way of doing politics of President Evo Morales and MAS, stating that this party “is a political corpse without a soul, stinks and it is disgusting,” because of the corruption to which its leaders fell.

“The MAS, in the practice of the practices, does not exist in body or spirit, as in the years 2005-2009, but now it is a corpse without a soul, it sucks and disgusts. they enrich illegally with the money of the people,” he wrote.

Quispe questions that with this background, the MAS seeks the re-election of Evo Morales, “to continue stealing and selling our natural wealth, to transnational corporations and imperialist multinationals.”

Warns that if the Political Constitution of the State is violated and re-elected, there will be violent repression and persecution; it will fill the streets with the dead, there will be any number of wounded in hospitals and it will fill public prisons with political prisoners, he says in his message.

He maintained that the indigenous people thought that Evo Morales was an Aymara brother, but “unfortunately, he had been our executioner”.

“It seems that Evo Morales Ayma, likes to bathe with the blood of the Bolivian people, in 11 years of government has more than 70 dead. And, today, are being held in prisons: 23 Achacacheños, 14 coca growers of the Yungas, for simply claiming and fighting against the Masista corruption,” says Quispe.

Quispe recently led a blockade of almost 45 days on the route to the highlands in his dispute with the government, for the permanence of the mayor of Achacachi, Edgar Ramos of the MAS, accused of corruption in the management of municipal funds, which were initially frozen and then thawed by the Ministry of Economy and Public Finance.

The government succeeded in decapitating the movement of neighborhood leaders of Achacachi and the president of the civic committee of Omasuyos, who currently hold detention in the prisons of La Paz and Patacamaya.

Felipe Quispe has against him a report of alleged kidnapping of a neighbor of Achacachi who approached a blockade, and the government, collecting a contradictory version of the daughter, made a complaint for plagiarism, although the affected said he had left voluntarily.

With this background, the Police activated massive arrests to demobilize and neutralize the neighborhood protest against Mayor Ramos. “We will return to the mobilization days, the working people will not give in. Freedom to the political prisoners”, says in the final part the text of Felipe Quispe.


Bolivian Thoughts opinion: I agree that Quispe is courageous to speak in such terms about the coca grower caudillo and his acolytes, there is sufficient and appalling evidence to portray the MAS as the more corrupt and inept government in our history …

However, it is also important to never forget the kind of individual Quispe is:

  1. Along with current vice president, Quispe went to jail for being part of a terrorist group and also thieves that kidnapped, demolished electric towers and stole money from different sources.
  2. Quispe holds a fierce hatred to western culture that most Bolivians embrace. As an Aymara he is like Hitler, believes in race supremacy and despises how the majority in Bolivia are.
  3. He honors violence and is by far a democratic leader, he believes in vertical rule.
  4. Quispe was part of the coalition that made evo president, like many of the ones who left or were forced to leave the MAS, his extreme ideas to rule Bolivia must be watched seriously, he is a dangerous man.
  5. He belongs to the leftist that resent evo’s wrongdoings, but not for the right reasons, people like him still believe that socialism is a good thing … and it did not work anywhere else in the world! Yet, they are like a cancer in our society, people filled with envy and hatred that blame others of their misfortune and since they are incapable of succeeding on their own, they want to misled the ignorant population and seek their votes to do as they please.

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