The futility of indignation in Bolivia…

Manfredo Kempff writes in El Deber:

The futility of indignation

Manfredo KempffUntil the indignation capacity is exhausted when you see on television H.E. [His Excellency] talking about the wonders of his Government on fanciful discoveries of new oil and gas fields, about how well he is doing as president, but, especially when brags that in United Nations around the world has been dazzled by that of “ama sua, ama llula y ama quella” [quechua motto under the Incas empire… do not steal, do not lie, do not be sluggish]. That the most deceitful and corrupt government brag about not been a thief or a liar or lazy, and register it as a guiding principle in the international community (like the scoundrels and liars were the others), irritates. It is the epitome of hypocrisy.

This is the example shown by the masismo since coming to power. It is the classic two-sided attitude, so dangerous. No one may any longer be surprised of anything that is been said. If they say H.E. will not be a candidate, think the opposite: it will be. If they say they demand him to run is because it is obliged to proclaim him. If you announce that there is sufficient gas even to throw it away, it means that gas reserves are running out. If they talk about there is fewer coca it is because most cocaine is produced. If they portrait as supporters of autonomy, it’s because they hate it. If they tell that H.E. works from four in the morning, means that he seldom goes by the Palace and prefers to dance and play football. If they say they are guided by the philosophy of life and peace, we must beware of prison and exile.

What to do in these situations? How to deal with a government that truly never says what he thinks? How to act if we know that to protect ourselves, we must think the opposite of what it promises? Is it possible, like this, to have confidence and faith in the future? Or should you support the MAS only for fear of extortion and slander? What you see is fear in the population. It applauds by fear. It praises by fear. It was silent out of fear. Concessions are made out of fear.

Otherwise, without fear, there would not be third, fourth or fifth presidential election. The scams in the Indigenous Fund had made stumble the profiteers. There would be no Falcon aircraft. Neither an expensive and useless satellite. Nor lost barges in ports of China or Korea. There would not be an abusive trial like the one mounted against Santa Cruz people, on terrorism and separatism. There would not be a general of the Republic, renowned as a hero and a democrat, harassed even in his own home. Does it do any good to be indignant without any remedy?

Great exposition of our ordeal, after a decade lost to the coca grower leader’s ochlocracy, $150 billion dollars wasted and having destroyed the sense of Bolivian nationality!

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