Bolivian democracy and presidential election under peril. Fraud well underway, led by evo and acolytes!

Bolivian presidential elections 2019 is under serious peril:

  1. evo lost the Referendum of 2/21/2016, and he relentlessly ignores that and pushes for a 4th illegal and illegitimate term
  2. For the last 13 + years, evo has absolute control of ALL State powers. Police and Judicial systems are set to cause disarray on Bolivian democracy
  3. evo has wasted over $180 billion dollars and has failed to produce a single sustainable job or attract serious investment. As long as he continues to remain the coca grower leadership and does nothing against the chaos and anarchy that has bloomed ever since he assumed the presidency, road blockades are the first sign that scares away investors
  4. Over 700 Bolivians had to flee the country due to political persecution
  5. Bolivian freedom of the press and expression is under serious peril, media and journalists are placed under economic stress. Only those media who are benevolent with the government in one way or the other, do receive public advertisement. Many good journalists were forced to quit, leave their radios, journals, TV programs, as a condition from the government.
  6. Coca growers in the Chapare and other regions in the high lands have said that they will be violent against other politicians who want to go to their regions, only evo can do campaign …?!

So, this is our reality … Bolivian majority had decided in the Referendum that Bolivia said NO MORE EVO!! Thus, fight for our democratic freedoms and for a clean, transparent 2019 election must be enforced. We cannot allow evo to continue; evo can not run again!

We need to avoid to become a Nicaragua, let alone a Venezuela!

This cartoon from El Diario [05/07/2019] reflects what the “social movements” have been doing with every one else that disagrees with the corrupt and inept government:

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