Morales and his lies at the UN

Angelica Siles writes in El Diario:

Article 387.l of the Political Constitution of the State states that “The State must guarantee the conservation of forestry forests in areas of forest vocation, their sustainable use, the conservation and recovery of flora, fauna and degraded areas.” Unfortunately, public servant Morales DOES NOT FULFILL the constitutional mandate. Between 2013 and 2015, three unconstitutional laws (337/13, 502/14 and 739/15) were passed that established forgiveness for illegal deforestation and extended deadlines to remedy the crime.

In 2015, Law 740 was passed, which allows the verification of the Social Economic Function of the land to be extended from 2 to 4 years. In September of that year, Law 741 was passed, which authorizes free clearings of up to 20 hectares (which previously should not exceed 5 hectares) in small properties, community or collective properties in the process of sanitation or titling and in legal settlements. Finally, on July 9, DS 3,973 of the extension of the agricultural frontier in the department of Beni was approved, in lands of forest vocation, generating the fire that devoured more than 5 million Ha., of which 3.2 million are in Santa Cruz, according to FAN data.

At the meeting “Alliance for the Amazon” in New York, at the inauguration the Secretary General of the United Nations Organization (UN), Antonio Guterres, advocated for the protection of forests. “We must protect our forests before the fire burns our future,” he said. Morales, today an unconstitutional and illegal candidate for the elections of October 20, lied in expressing: 1) “Our response to fire has been quick and effective,” that the cause was climate change and capitalism. But he LIED, because the answer was after 15 days, when the fire already swept 500 thousand Ha.

2) He also said that “only by freeing ourselves from luxury, profit, consumerism, can we save our planet earth.” He forgets that he lives with the luxury of a sultan, with his helipad, which spends $2,500 a day per trip to El Alto and the provinces, usurping the function of the Mayors, only to be proclaimed as the messiah who will save Bolivia. He makes millionaire expenses in private luxury airplanes or the Casa Grande del Pueblo. Morales, with his biofuel policy and expansion of the agricultural frontier for the production of meat he is sending to China and GM soybeans, is part of predatory capitalism.

3) He said that “The country is winning the battle with the fire”. LIED, because two months pass and the fire won the battle, 5 million Ha have already been burned and Morales does not want to declare National Disaster and 10 homes were damaged in the municipality of San Matías, where they were able to move the families affected by the fires. The fire is also being fought with heavy machinery in the municipalities of San Ignacio, San Matías and Roboré. Settlements of people from the interior are encouraged and new land titling are made in fiscal lands by the INRA, which violates Article 43 of Law 1.715, which states that “the endowment will be preferred in favor of those who reside there.

4) He said that “Bolivia is committed to the non-commercialization of forests.” LIED because he does NOT protect the environment, 2 million specimens of fauna and flora have died and also the indigenous are more unprotected, their regulations that authorize burning and clearing are the main cause of the fire in Chiquitania, which is part of the Amazon, to expand the agricultural frontier and export meat, planting GM soy for biodiesel.

These lies expressed by Morales at the UN, about the protection of forests in Bolivia, were known by the Assembly, as French firefighters arrived who made known the reality of Bolivia. For these lies and ecocide in detriment of life, water and health, Law 741 must be repealed, repeal of Law 3,973 and initiate the Trial of Responsibilities for the Chiquitania to Evo Morales, for breach of duties and Resolutions contrary to the Constitution.

The author is a lawyer and former Constituent Assemblywoman.

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