Jubileo Foundation sees that energy for export will not generate jobs in Bolivia

ANF reports in El Deber:

Jubileo sees that energy will not generate jobs

The institution said that in the 2016 PGE [General State Budget], there are fewer resources for agriculture, industry and tourism.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 8.02.14 AMThe Jubileo Foundation warns that the new commitment of the Government to allocate 22.7% of the 2016 General State Budget (PGE) for power generation for export will not generate employment and, in contrast, there is again, a declined of investments in industry, agriculture and “the new commitment of the government, from state investment, clearly is the generation of energy for export, which again leads to the logic of capturing an income, but does not respond to the need to generate employment in the country” said the researcher for the Jubileo Foundation, Rene Martinez.

In contrast, Martinez said that the employment generating sectors such as industry, tourism and agriculture were not prioritized in the PGE, and even recorded a decrease in their investments. Regarding the 2015 budget, this year presents a decrease of 21% in agriculture investment, 42% in tourism and 22% in industry. / ANF


And again, the recurrent governmental stupidity that does not prioritize jobs for the people of Bolivia … they only want “cash” to hand out small bonuses and continue their lucrative “business” by remaining in power, and of course to avoid trials on their ineptitude!

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