21 former head of states denounce Evo

Editorial from Pagina Siete, photos from internet:

One of the most important international actions against the new nomination of President Evo Morales and his attempt to “perpetuate” himself in power has been the letter sent to the OAS by 21 former mandataries from the region plus Spain.

These 21 former presidents represent different ideological tendencies and are united by an impeccable democratic curriculum: all of them accepted the rules of the game and sought to strengthen the rule of law of their own countries when they exercised power.

None wanted, for example, to twist the institutions to stay in government against what their constitutions indicate and less to violate the opinion of the people expressed in the popular vote. The signers of the letter come from 13 countries in Latin America, from Mexico to Argentina.

“The attempt of Evo Morales to perpetuate himself in the exercise of power, in manifest fraud to the Constitution and the American Convention of Human Rights, denatures the exercise of political rights and seriously violates the essential elements of democracy,” says the document that bears the name of Declaration on re-election in Bolivia and rescues that in the Bolivian Constitution the President can be re-elected once only on a continuous basis.

Morales has responded unthinkingly and awkwardly, as he usually does, but also, lacking the truth. He said that the signers of the letter “come from coups d’état, military dictatorships, most come from the Condor Plan.” This is, as can be verified empirically, false. First, because the Condor Plan ended virtually in 1983, with the arrival of Raúl Alfonsín to power in Argentina. By that time there was also democracy in Bolivia, and that terrifying system of international repression came to an end.

All the leaders of that generation of dictatorial governments have been erased by the democracies of their countries. In addition, the Condor Plan was a phenomenon of the Southern Cone of the region, and among the signatories there are four Costa Rican ex presidents, two Colombians, three Ecuadorians, two Mexicans and a former head of the Spanish government. Of dictatorships and Plan Condor, nothing.

That 21 former head of states could have organized to ask the OAS to respect democracy in Bolivia is a transcendent political fact, which the ruling party should take into consideration. It reflects that Morales’ old prestige is in crisis and that his international isolation is a reality. It has become clear to all that, after calling a referendum that he lost, Morales violated its result and his own words.


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