Veja links the government of Evo again with drug trafficking

Pagina Siete reports:

Veja links the government of Evo again with drug trafficking

The magazine points out that there is something more behind the movements of Quintana and Jordan.

Once again, the Brazilian magazine Veja linked the government of Evo Morales and his diplomatic movements with international drug trafficking networks, following the capture in Brazil of Fabio Andrade Lima Lobo, son of a former masista candidate and a capo of the Cartel de Cali, in Colombia.

In September 2015, the same media outlet produced a report titled Narcos, in which it pointed to a relationship between “the leadership of the Bolivian government and cocaine trafficking.”

The new publication is entitled Captures reveal the proximity of drug trafficking with Evo Morales and begins with the apprehension of Lima Lobo, a 35-year-old Bolivian captured in the neighboring country with 480 kilos of cocaine.

He is the son of Carmen Lima Lobo, a former masquerade candidate for the subgovernance in the Mamoré province in Beni, and Célimo Andrade, a drug lord in Colombia.

Veja points out that it was the former minister of the presidency, Juan Ramón Quintana, who proposed Carmen as a candidate. In addition, even knowing of his relationship with the Colombian drug trafficker, she “was from the close-circle of Vice President Álvaro García Linera.”

The son had also been arrested in 2012 when he tried to take cocaine and rifles from Bolivia to Brazil, but was quickly released by a court decision.

Veja’s article also recalls that in July of this year an ex-adviser of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) was also arrested in Brazil and with drugs. According to the investigators Romer Gutiérrez Quezada waited for the Executive to designate him as vice-consul in that country.

At the same time, the investigation by the United States Drug Control Administration (DEA) against the expulsion of Evo Morales and two persons close to Vice President García Linera is mentioned. And in 2010 Quintana and the exmiss Bolivia, Jessica Jordan, left with suitcases from the house of a trafficker.

On the other hand, Veja informed that the DEA considers the designation of Quintana as an ambassador in Havana as something more than “a mere political movement.” There is information that Cuba is an important center for the shipment of cocaine to the Mexican cartels and to the United States.”

Last year Jordan was named vice consul in Miami, USA. “Just as the presence of Quintana in Havana is the subject of attention, Jessica’s performance in South Florida has been accompanied by a magnifying glass, considering that Cuba is an important store of Bolivian cocaine and that Miami is the main entry point for that drug in the United States, the investigators are watching closely that the diplomats do not return to entangle themselves with traffickers”, concludes the report.

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: As an old Bolivian saying goes … “if the river sounds … its because it carries stones …” So, as time goes by, it has become more difficult to disguise the blooming presence inside Bolivian government officials tied with the political party of the coca grower caudillo …, as well as with social movements and other indigenous “leaders”.

If we add to all of these, that evo tries to remain in power, no matter what, more questions arise, undoubtedly!

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