In Bolivia there is authoritarianism that moves towards dictatorship

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: It felt good to see Mesa and Quiroga telling the world about our predicament. Mesa needs to continue to give such strong message, questioning and denouncing evo’s mishaps and authoritarian-illegitimate-illegal re-nomination. Carlos must speak to the Bolivian voters in harsher terms, without sugar coating, we are fed up with evo’s corrupt and inept “government.” Regarding Tuto, he is doing the right thing, defending our democracy from the places he is best suited to do, he is building an international reputation and to our benefit. I also would like to mention Samuel Doria Medina who is also supporting and protecting our democracy, like Tuto, without  running on this anomalous 2019 presidencial election.

El Diario reports:

Carlos Mesa

In Bolivia there is an authoritarian government that moves towards a dictatorship, said yesterday the former president and candidate for the Presidency for Community Citizens (CC), Carlos Mesa, who participated as an exhibitor at the World Forum “Empowerment of Humanity from Local to Global Justice” in Estoril, Portugal.

Likewise, former President Jorge Tuto Quiroga, who also participated in said event, expressed similar criteria grouping Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and Bolivia where, as expressed, the central key for authoritarianism is its continuity.

Both ex-presidents participated in the panel called: “Socialism of the XXI Century – Lessons from South America”, where they emphasized the comparisons of the Venezuelan regime with the case of Bolivia.

“The democratic cellophane of the Socialism of the XXI Century and its authoritarian heart have resulted in a dictatorship that is linked to crime and corruption in the case of Venezuela, and an authoritarianism that goes towards the dictatorship in the case of Bolivia,” Mesa said in part of his dissertation.

Bolivia along with Venezuela, Nicaragua and Ecuador, in turn, formed the countries with governments of the Socialism of the XXI Century, which vindicates the fight against poverty, inclusion and the demand for gender.

For Mesa, the major sin of the so-called Socialism of the 21st century is the “destruction of democratic values from the total control of the powers, from the indefinite election, from a process in which they appropriate the popular will as if it were something that has been won and it is legitimate to remain in power with that triumph.”

In the same way, former President Jorge Quiroga, in his presentation, grouped the socialist governments of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia, affirming that “in the coming months what happens in Venezuela, in Nicaragua and in Bolivia will determine if in America Latina we have full liberty with sovereignty or if we leave dictatorial, authoritarian, criminal germs that can extend and regain control of our region.”

He also called for the regime of Nicolás Maduro to be rejected, citing a thought: “‘The one who is neutral in a situation of oppression is taking the side of the oppressor.’ In Venezuela, those who are being neutral are taking the side of the oppressed and executioners of the oppressed. Venezuela needs democracy and freedom so that we can also recover it in Bolivia.”

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