Potosi, the older brother

Juan Jose Toro writes in El Deber:

Potosi, the older brother

Juan Jose Toro MontoyaA truism, not currently widespread, is that Bolivia would not have existed without Potosi. The richness of its portentous Cerro Rico led to the creation of a judicial and administrative unit, as was the Audiencia de Charcas that, in 1825, was the basis for what is now our country.

There are other reasons that support this assertion, but these were sufficiently repeated in the past and by best feathers. What counts today is that after 190 years of independence, the country has made little progress and Potosi almost nothing.

Taking into account that were its silver, first, and tin, later, that supported the country in its early years, we would have to agree that Potosi is something like the older brother of a poor family, who stop studying and he gets to work at an earlier age to feed his brothers and provide them a future.

PotosiToday, when we see it so poor, while other departments thrive, Potosi seems, indeed, that older brother who was living in misery while the brothers for which he worked, got a profession and craft with which they can procure a livelihood .

That is the fate for Potosi and will not change if his brothers did not understand. The only advantage of being the big brother is that in addition to support the family, has sufficient authority to guide her.

It happened in the past when its minerals could satisfy even the needs of others and in the early years of the Republic, when even the salaries of the prefects were paid with Potosi money.

Now, when the country is at a crossroads, faced with the possibility that the State Constitution be amended to satisfy the cravings of ‘extensionism’ of the ruling elite, the older brother reacted as he would against an abusive stepfather that beats his mother and brothers.

It already faced the abusive twice, once in 2010 and again more recently when a strike of 27 days made clear message that further abuses would not be tolerated.

Now Potosi department celebrated its anniversary on Tuesday [11/10/2015], is preparing to launch an even clearer message on February 21. That day, the older brother will say No to abuse and, before doing so, he hopes that his brothers follow his example.


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