Rodríguez Veltzé refrains from pronouncing on 21F [what a cowardly behavior from a despicable individual!]

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Eduardo Rodriguez has failed Bolivia by excusing himself to express his opinion regarding the illegality and illegitimacy of evo to run again for the presidency.

Eduardo, a Harvard graduate from the Kennedy School of Government has failed his country, big time!

Bolivians expected from him a clear position regarding the autocrat’s decision to run again, despite what a Referendum established in February, 21, 2016: evo cannot run again!

And Eduardo, simply failed his country, his democracy, his moral compass is trashed!

Eduardo’s intent is just a complete disappointment, thus, he deserves NOT to be elected at the IACHR, he just didn’t learn anything at his masters on Public Administration! What a shame, what a disgrace!

Eduardo Rodriguez will go into history as someone who wanted to appear to be as a sound professional but remained just as a common cocky, selfish and arrogant individual!

El Diario reports:

They question candidacy

The former president is postulating to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and receives criticism for not issuing a criterion on the outcome of a constitutional referendum

The agent of Bolivia before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) of The Hague, Eduardo Rodríguez Veltzé, abstained from responding to the request made by the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia (Apdhb), which asked him to make a public statement on the results of the constitutional referendum of February 21, 2016 that rejected to modify the Political Constitution to qualify Evo Morales to an indefinite re-election.

“I understand that the matter on which I am asked to make a statement has been submitted to the IACHR and must follow a regulated procedure that is ongoing (…) Not a petitioner in the case, as a candidate for the IACHR and out of respect for the independent criteria of the commission, I refrain from formulating a public opinion on it “, details part of the letter sent yesterday to the president of the APDHB, Amparo Carvajal.

The Apdhb requested the exmandatario to express his clear and concrete position on the respect to the results of the referendum of February 21, 2016 and the constitutional sentence 0084/2017 that illegally enabled President Evo Morales for the next general elections in October.


The legal advisor of the Apdhb, Franco Albarracín, in contact with EL DIARIO, questioned the evasive attitude of the former authority, also said that this showed that it does not act independently when making decisions on the defense of human rights. He warned that this may affect his application to the IACHR.

The former ambassador of Costa Rica in Spain and Panama, Antonio López Escarré, through an official Twitter account, questioned the position of Rodríguez Veltzé and pointed him out as an ally of the government of Evo Morales.

“I join the rejection of my friends from #Bolivia against his ex-president Rodríguez @erveltze ally of the communist dictatorship of Evo Morales and who now wants to promote him as commissioner of @CIDH Latin America does not allow that servile to dictatorships take charge of the #DDHH,” wrote.


The former president in his letter argued that he can not refer to the topic because article 17.2 of the IACHR’s regulations forbids it, taking into account that he expects that the members of the Commission will not be able to participate in the discussion, investigation, deliberation or decision of a subject matter for consideration by the Commission if they were nationals of the State subject to general or specific consideration.

However, Albarracín clarified that Rodríguez Veltzé is not yet a member of the Inter-American Commission, therefore this regulation does not restrict him from ruling on the issues being questioned.

Rodriguez reflected in his letter on the importance of the impartiality with which those who accede to the position of commissioners of the IACHR must act and assures that in the course of his professional career he never played in any political party “nor do I keep closeness or close relationship with any from them.”


The election of members of the IACHR will take place between June 26 and 28 in Medellín, Colombia, at the forty-ninth regular session of the OAS General Assembly. The regulation states that “the Secretary General of the OAS shall request in writing each member state of the Organization to present its candidates within a period of ninety days.”

However, Albarracín said that Veltzé is less likely to be elected because of the position shown by the Bolivian State, in supporting the authoritarian regimes of Nicaragua and Venezuela on repeated occasions. These actions were evaluated by the Organization of American States (OAS).

At the same time, the human rights expert said that referring to the defense of 21F would have played a point in favor of his candidacy, because he would have shown that he enjoys independence.

Its designation proceeds according to the scenarios, especially political, who define the votes of the states and the members of the Commission will be elected for four years and may only be re-elected once. There is susceptibility on the part of the opposition due to the fact that within the IACHR there are complaints against the renomination of Evo Morales.

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