Freedom of expression of the people at risk

El Diario reports:

Citizens and opponents

  • Assemblyman describes the pretense of punishing people as worrisome. They gave substitute measures to citizen who shouted to President Morales: “Bolivia said No”
  • The population expressed its rejection of the policies implemented by the Government. Meanwhile, the ruling party maintains that what happened in Potosí is an isolated event

After the determination of justice against the young bricklayer Rafael Chambi Julián for having shouted Bolivia said No!, in a public ceremony in which President Evo Morales participated, the opposition assembly members, like the population, rated the substitute measures as repression and attack to the freedom of expression of the citizenship.

The Assemblyman for Sovereignty and Freedom (, Edwin Herrera, said that “beyond judicializing the actions of the citizen, in the end, the political fact tries to teach people to not express in the country, this is already worrisome.”

For the senator of UD, Edwin Rodríguez, the action is another sign that the government does not like to hear opinions different from those that are used to.

The opposition deputy Wilson Santamaría said that these events will be increased in the coming weeks, following the latest warnings issued by the different government authorities to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE).

On the other hand, the deputy of the MAS, David Ramos, said that free expression in the country is guaranteed, even warned that opponents and platforms abuse that guarantee to attack President Morales.

Meanwhile, the governor of Potosí, Juan Carlos Cejas, said that the intellectual author of the aggression against President Evo Morales should be investigated. And the population consulted on the issue in La Paz warned that these actions go against their freedom of expression.

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: This is exactly how the upcoming months will turn out to be … evo relentlessly seeks to be nominated again, despite people’s vote against him in the Referendum of February 21st, 2016. We should expect more violence, more threats, more chaos, evo and acolytes control ALL State powers, have the resources to push for their illegitimate and illegal nomination. We must resist, we must endure and prevail!

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