Punishment vote against MAS

El Diario reports:

Determination of the Cruceño open Council:

After the massive concentration carried out yesterday at the feet of the Christ the Redeemer, it was determined respect for the vote of the 21F referendum, rebellion before a possible electoral “fraud”, abrogation of Law 741 and DS 3973 that increased the permit of “controlled” burning and warned that they begin to work towards Federalism


In massive concentration of representatives of various sectors of Santa Cruz, which exceeded one million attendees, it was determined last night that in the general elections that will be held in 15 days there will be a punishment vote against the Movement To Socialism (MAS).

Among the conclusions, the respect for the vote of the 21F referendum was also determined, rebellion before a possible electoral “fraud”, abrogation of Law 741 and DS 3973 that increase the permit for “controlled” burning and federalism, said the president of the Pro Santa Cruz Committee, Luis Fernando Camacho, after 8 pm yesterday, when the Cabildo concluded.

One of the main issues addressed was the responsibility of the Government in the environmental disaster that the department has to endure the fires; in addition, they warned that they allow a period of five days to repeal Law 741 and Supreme Decree 3973, which authorize the “controlled” clearing and slash-and-burning in Santa Cruz and Beni.

They also put an ultimatum until next Monday at noon for the National Institute of Agrarian Reform (INRA) to proceed to the eviction of illegal settlements in fiscal lands.

Activist Alejandra Serrate swore attendees to ignore a possible new government of Evo Morales, because it was made sure that electoral fraud is set for next October 20.

It was insisted on enforcing the validity of the citizen vote that on February 21, 2016 determined that Evo Morales and Álvaro García do not apply once again.

The President of the Pro Santa Cruz Committee called “rebellion and disobedience” in the face of possible fraud in the elections. “It is our right and it is not sedition, it is sovereignty, it is bravery and that is what we have over and above here,” he said. What also gave rise to report that as of yesterday, “Santa Cruz began working for its federalism.”

Meanwhile, according to the state agency Abi, this Cabildo had the backing of former Minister Carlos Sánchez Berzaín to the detractors of President Morales, grouped in the Pro Santa Cruz Civic Committee.

“Sánchez Berzaín, who fled Bolivia to the United States after the October 2003 Massacre, took advantage of social networks to heat that event with the capacity to dismiss authorities,” says a note from the pro-government media.


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