Church urges the government to correct inefficient spending

Pagina Siete reports, photos from the internet:

The Catholic Church yesterday [10/28/2018] asked the Government to correct the inefficient expenditure of State resources and prioritize social policies aimed at improving the attention of vulnerable sectors of society.

The archbishop of Santa Cruz, Monsignor Sergio Gualberti, during his Sunday homily quoted the report of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), in which Bolivia is listed as one of the last three countries in the region where public resources have been inefficiently spent.

“This paradox has to move those responsible to correct them and take urgent measures so that state funds are allocated primarily to implement social policies that respond to the basic and real needs of the population, such as health, education and housing, in particular of the poorest and most vulnerable sectors,” he said.

He added that in recent days the clamor of cancer patients has increased due to the lack of attention to medicines and appropriate therapies, a fact that has exposed the serious flaws of public health, an aspect that would coincide with the report of the international organization.

According to the study Better spending for better lives: how can Latin America and the Caribbean do more with less than the IDB, Bolivia’s inefficiency is 6.3% behind Argentina (7.2%) and El Salvador (6.5%) ), while Chile and Peru have a better quality of expenditure.

The diagnosis shows a waste in public works, in compensation for employees, and leaks in transfers, this in relation to the subsidy that does not reach the destination and are used by third parties.

It also identified excesses in government purchases, losses due to corruption and delays, as well as a high salary scale in the public sector, causing a loss of 4.4% of the Gross Domestic Product in Bolivia.

Monsignor Gualberti called for solidarity because basically all “we are and beggars” and criticized the fact that many people are excluded from the banquet of life.

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