Members of the TSE violated the principle of impartiality

El Diario reports:

Opposition announces legal process

  • Senator Arturo Murillo argues that the legal figures on the case would be “serious and very serious faults”, in addition to threatening the citizen’s vote
  • Two days after Evo Morales made them responsible for the primary elections, the members issued a statement, justifying the meeting with the President

The opposition senator Arturo Murillo announced yesterday that he will denounce the seven members of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), before the full court, because they did not comply with the principle of impartiality when holding secret meetings with President Evo Morales.

The legislator is sure that the electoral authorities committed administrative indiscipline, so yesterday afternoon he sent the TSE a memorial requesting a trial against Katya Uriona, Dunya Sandoval, José Luis Exeni, Antonio Costas, Lucy Cruz, María Eugenia Choque Idelfonso Mamani: The legal figures would be for serious and very serious faults.

He explained that the Political Constitution of the State (CPE) and the Plurinational Constitutional Judgment SCP 0686/2012 mention the separation of powers as an organizing principle in our State that is a fundamental quality that characterizes democracy.

On the other hand, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal argued that within the framework of its powers can meet with all the powers of the State. [Bolivian Thoughts opinion: but NOT in secrecy! They said the “primaries” cold be held in 2024, but now they changed their mind?! Some people say that out of the seven members, there are some that are in agreement with being acolytes, subordinates to what evo wants… well … easy! denounce that intromission and resign, make it public! otherwise, they condone this corruption and de facto become as corrupt and negligent as the others!]

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