Have you visited Isla del Sol? These are its attractions

Willmary Montilla reports for Bolivia.com:

The small city of Copacabana, has a great attraction, the Isla del Sol [Island of the Sun], and the archaeological attractions are multiple, if you have not yet gone, take advantage of the next holiday to visit it.

Isla del Sol and all its attractions remained closed for almost two years. Photo: @CulturasBolivia.

Isla del Sol is located on Lake Titicaca and the main port is in the small town of Copacabana, Bolivia. You can also cross to Isla del Sol from the town of Yampupata.

Recently, a conflict between the indigenous communities, cohabiting in the most touristic places in the region, was “overcome”. Now you can visit the north side of Isla del Sol in tranquility.

The dialogue process in which the communities of Challa and Challapampa participated ended with the signing of “The Peace Agreement of the Island of the Sun”, cites the note of the Bolivian Ministry of Culture and Tourism, with this, it is now possible for tourists to go, without being at risk of a violent altercation.

It is a very nice walk to do in the company of your loved ones, friends and partner, plus you will not spend much. For example; In the port of Copacabana there are several boats that depart to Isla del Sol, the first one around 8am and the second one around 1pm.

The ticket is purchased directly at the port, to have a better price, but usually costs 20 bolivianos. Or if you prefer to follow a tourist plan, they organize you to visit other places. You can find travel agencies throughout Avenida 6 de Agosto [downtown La Paz]. Only if! You must go with all the calm necessary to enjoy the trip well.

The route of the boats that depart from Copacabana, go first to the south port Yumani, the trip is about an hour and a half, approximately. After there, continue half an hour more, to the north port of Challapampa.

It is a walk that lasts 3 hours to cross it whole, from north to south. Travelers who have managed to make the whole journey, say that this section is recognized as the Sacred Route of the eternity of the sun, Willa-Thaki.

From the south, it is best to get up early to be able to cross the island on foot, and visit all the ruins of the north, with this, you may reach the time, to take a boat back to the south, where accommodation is available , or in this way continue to Copacabana. Do you dare to do this walk?

Willmary Montilla – Bolivia.com


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2 thoughts on “Have you visited Isla del Sol? These are its attractions

  1. That’s a great news. We are visiting Isla de Sol in August. I’m staying at hotel in Yumani but would like to hike to the north, or from the north to Yumani the next day, but I can’t find any info for the boat running in between. If we hike from Yumani to the north, what is the boat time that goes back to Yumani? Is there any private boat as well? If so, how can we find?


    1. Happy to hear you’re coming. If you are entering Bolivia from Yunguyo, ask in Copacabana, there are plenty of tourist agencies that will be gld to hep you. If you are going to be in La Paz city first, try tourist agencies around Plaza San Francisco or in avenida 6 de Agosto, as the article recommend. Hope this helps …

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