Bolivia and the trades of yesterday

Ivone Juárez reports for Pagina Siete:

The trades of yesterday in La Paz

Most of them disappeared: the dairy women did not walk the streets, nor did the ice-cream parlors with the cart full of photographs or the chamuñero, who was tempted with his marshmallows at the exit of the cinemas and the theater.

One day the pace of the city of La Paz was marked by its trades. The milkmaid who knocked on all the doors of the houses to offer her product per liter. He brought the milk in aluminum jars that she carried for hours, circling the neighborhood; the icebreaker, who broke the silence with her hand horn offering the “package, popsicle, wafer”, in that two-wheeled cart that pushed slowly, as giving time to his customers to reach him.

The cart was built with small glass windows, in which he displayed a multitude of photos, especially of footballers and singers, to attract the attention of customers and entertain them so they do not despair in waiting for their ice cream.

The chamuñero, usually located at the entrance of the cinemas, the Municipal Theater or in one of the corners of the Plaza Murillo, offering their marshmallows, those sweets in the form of a braid that was sucked until the palate burned. The man with the multicolored birds caged, who stood outside the market Camacho and other places where many people circulated to read the fate. The little bird chosen by the client took out a piece of paper that read the profession that was going to have or the luck that was going to run in love.

[loader was the name of the person who carried heavy loads of all sort of goods for a small payment]







[the policeman who directed traffick, used to be placed in an upper booth to have a clearer view]

[clay pottery vendor, waiting for customers]


[candy vendor who was at the entrance of movie theaters].

These are some of the trades that have already disappeared in the city of La Paz. Thanks to the images that are published and shared in the Facebook of Old Photos of La Paz we can remember or know today [05/01/2017], Labor Day.

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