They deliver the regulation of the Law of the Bolivian cueca

Pagina Siete reports, photo from the internet:

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism delivered yesterday the “Specific Regulation to the Law of the Bolivian cueca” which aims to “regulate cultural policies for the safeguarding, research, revitalization, preservation, protection, dissemination, promotion and training of the Bolivian cueca.”

The central act was held in the Plaza Murillo of La Paz, during the celebration of the National Day of the Bolivian cueca, yesterday [10/07/2018].

The head of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MCyT), Wilma Alanoca, pleasantly surprised the attendees by presenting herself with appropriate clothing to dance to the rhythm of the cueca paceña.

Later, she said that the “National Day of the Bolivian cueca” is a moment of unity for all Bolivians.

“This day definitely unites us without any difference; we achieve that each one of the regions of the country can participate with their dance groups as well as with such wonderful singer-songwriters as Willy Claure, promoter of the Bolivian cueca,” she said.

For his part, Claure, at the moment of receiving from the hands of the Minister the Regulation offered words of thanks to all the promoters of this special day.

“I’ve pushed a little, but I did not do it alone; there are many people who have helped, many artists, many poets, many choreographers, the press has also given us great support,” said the singer-songwriter, who is also president of the Cueca Bolivian cultural foundation.

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