Urus offer crafts to support families

El Diario reports:

Creative works

The frost, the overflow of the Lauca River and the evaporation of Lake Poopó left the inhabitants of the arid land without food





Urus crafts women expose and sell their works of art until today in the artist’s house.

The Urus de Chipaya, Llapallapani and Tinta María women arrived in La Paz to offer crafts made by their own hands, in order to raise financial resources to support their families, since 100 of them were affected by the frost registered in January.

A little more than 10 years ago the Urus were hunting and fishing, but after Lake Poopó dried up, the inhabitants of the communities had to see new ways of subsistence, but each time their situation became more complicated, they were recently affected for the frost.

According to one of the communes, Evarista Flores, her entire family is engaged in crafts because they can not plant because the land is not good, nor do they fish.

“We do all kinds of crafts, now we need to sell here in La Paz because we need resources to buy food for the family (…) Before we dedicated ourselves to hunting and fishing, but now we do not even have that,” she told EL DIARIO.

Creative sets of jewelry and jewelers.

It is not easy to do the artisan work that is done since they must get the material such as totora, chillawa straw, cactus wood, sheep wool and alpaca, then they must polish to get the final result that can be a jeweler, handle, earring, tissues, small totoras, including condiments and other accessories that serve to adorn any type of environment. Prices vary between Bs10 and Bs70.

Like Flores, other artisans came to La Paz to sell the product of their work. They are all in the Artist’s House on Potosí Street.


From the Ministry of Culture and Tourism it was reported that during the stay of the Urus women they noticed that the Lauca River overflowed and the Uru community is again in emergency.

“First the frost has destroyed the crops, now the flood, that’s why we have come to La Paz, we want to sell the crafts that we brought, there is no potato or quinoa in our communities, we ask them to put themselves in our place, we have to give food to our children, make them study, dress, many are young children,” said, bereaved, Maria Flores Ignacio.

After the frost of January, they felt obliged to move to La Paz, and being in the seat of government, they learned about the new natural disaster. “We do not have anything to eat, but that’s the least of it, we worry about our children, we want to sell, buy us what we have made”, explained with choppy words Adela Choque Flores.

The exhibition takes place from Monday, January 11 to Friday, February 15, between 09:00 and 19:00.


Bolivian Thoughts opinion: While this ordeal of the Urus brave women happens, we read news like evo only going to his office by helicopter! See link below.

And he proclaims he is a socialist, that he protects Mother Nature and respect Indigenous People … all LIES! evo allowed mining companies to use the water near Poopo Lake until it finally surrendered and dried up … he is a despicable populist autocrat!


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