Bolivian Catholics live in family and faith the Passion of Christ

Marciana Soliz report for El Dia:

Good Friday led the faithful reflection

Catholics live in family and faith the Passion of Christ

imageMessage. Monsignor Sergio Gualberti asked to see the cross as a symbol of life and passion, to adopt as a way of life. The Passion and Death of Christ revived the faith and devotion of the Catholic people who lived yesterday [04/03/2015] one of the most pivotal moments with the delivery of the son of God to save man’s sins.

The retreat was expressed in various ways, but prevailed fasting, reflection and foremost family togetherness.

Fasting and thanksgiving. This is the case of Mrs. Clara Benitez, who in the humility of her home brought together her entire family to share a table laden with white foods, on this traditional date. “In the heat of my home I ask the Lord to forgive us for our sins and thank him for keeping us together. This act of love makes us grateful and honored to share this feast,” said the woman then turns to a prayer together with her family.

Similarly, hundreds of families lived the holiday marked by fasting and family togetherness, which was reflected in homes, parks and temples in the city [Santa Cruz de la Sierra].

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 8.49.47 AMThey ask to honor the cross. By late afternoon, to celebrate the Passion of Christ in the cathedral, Monsignor Sergio Gualberti summoned the people of Santa Cruz do not see the cross as a symbol of death, but as one of life and mercy. He also urged to adopt this issue as a lifestyle. “Our free and conscious response should take us, to remain steadfast in the confession of our faith,” he said.

Happy Eastern to ALL of you!

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