Bolivia is not taking the right approach to protect Cerro Rico

Pagina Siete reports:


Sergeomin tasks began prospecting in the Cerro Rico

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 7.16.48 AMThe Geological Mining Service (Sergeomin) started from mid-October to draft mining geological prospecting in the southern extension of the Cerro Rico (hills Huakajchi Grande and Chico). The new areas will serve to relocate cooperatives.

“Officially began the campaign of geophysical survey (IP and magnetics). The work is to find a new mining prospect, which helps in the issue of Cerro Rico de Potosi,” said Sergeomin Director, Grover Salamanca.

Among the tasks performed are: gathering information such as geological mapping, rock sampling for geochemical analysis, preparation of geologic and geochemical maps, topographic and stakeout for further geophysical work. Then we will continue with the exploration phase with diamond drilling jobs.

Geophysics is a method that indirectly indicates what can be found in the basement, and the type of rock and the behavior of the mineralized structures.

Faint attempt to preserve Cerro Rico, the richest worldwide mine known for its silver, great wealth that pushed the economics of Spain and Europe.

I believe it is not enough to move a bit from the top but to leave it as is, once and for all. The Cerro Rico is part of our National Emblems and as such it should be respected.

I have met in the past those miners and the owner’s of the mills and they believe they hold the secrets and best technology… false! Those people lose money, endanger their lives daily and that should stop!

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