Bolivia ranks first in wetlands worldwide!

Veronica Zapana reports for Pagina Siete:


Bolivia produces a regulation to preserve its 11 wetlands

International Wetlands Day was celebrated yesterday [02/02/2015]. With 11 million hectares, Bolivia ranks first in surface of these ecosystems.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 9.16.03 AMThe Government, through the Ministry of Environment and Waters (MAyA), developed a standard to preserve, use and exploit the 11 wetlands in the country that are home to more than 100,000 species in an area of more than 11 million hectares. For its size, Bolivia ranks first in wetlands worldwide.

Yesterday, in celebration of World Wetlands Day, director of Biodiversity, MAyA, Teresa Pérez, reported that until 2013, Bolivia registered 11 wetlands reaching an area of 11 million hectares. “That makes the country the first area of wetland,” she said, adding that those sites are home to more than 100,000 known species of water and the number is increasing every year. “They have a great variety of wildlife,” said.

A wetland is an area of land whose surface is flooded permanently or intermittently. By covering regular water, the soil becomes saturated, being devoid of oxygen and resulting in a hybrid ecosystem between aquatic and terrestrial species.

Perez noted that these places can become a safeguard against drought and living well. In view to its preservation, the government promotes the development of a national wetland regulations.

The head of Wetlands of that office, Marcelo Mena, said that the law is urgent because there is a loophole in the wise use of wetlands, preservation and sanctions for affecting those ecosystems. “Now the rule will allow us to take concrete action. The regulation has several elements, for example, states (legal) procedures to follow in case of impact,” he said.

He said that an environmental assessment be conducted for each of wetlands. Any activity after that assessment will have a specific procedure and certified to ensure preservation. “Use and sustainable use of places. And education, restoration and environmental monitoring is established.” Mena said.

The project, promoted by communities, has already been completed and now need to work it at interinstitutional level, he said.


Submitted. By 2013 Bolivia register 11 wetlands, which have an area of 11 million hectares.

Species. Wetlands are home to more than 100,000 known hybrid species and the number grows every year.

Water. In 10 years discovered 272 species of freshwater fish in the Amazon.

In short, this is our wealth, our future and we MUST administer wetlands the best possible way!

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