Blockades and threats of violence against TIPNIS’ defenders and the Ninth protest-walk, April 2012

TIPNIS’ 9th protest-walk is under fire, this cartoon is from El Dia, March 27, 2012. It reads “Beating without responsible ones” and below that: “the chain of command was broken!” so that the cruel, unnecessary beating from the police force to the 8th protest-walk of last year’s. No one takes the responsibility for that atrocious act.

I will show you more cartoons and then an update as of April 23, 2012, from Pagina Siete, so you can see the severity and extraordinary courage the TIPNIS and CIDOB people’s fight to protect their indigenous territory and one of our national parks.

This one is from El Diario, April 18, 2012.

A number of guilty parties are waiting in line to be executed. The guillotine reads “mysterious contract; OAS [Brazilian company that was hired without proper channels and procedures to cut in half the TIPNIS]; road through the TIPNIS”.

Mixed messages from the government, current president at some point said negative remarks about OAS overall performance [it is supposedly to have around a billion dollar in contracts for roads nationwide]; in sum the government is not clear about this contract, this road, and they just issue declarations and then there is finger-pointing all over inside government’s offices.

This one is from Los Tiempos, April 19, 2012. One person says “it appears as an initiative of the Development National Bank of Brazil, and not the government [Bolivia], the termination of the contract with OAS, mate. Because ‘the Bank cannot fund a project that in theory is forbidden by Law”.

avernoy replies “that explains Mrs. Rouseff’s had behaved rather ‘understandable’, like ‘a mother’, compadre”

The newspaper headline reads: “Bolivia explains Brazil about the conflict with OAS”

little devil says “we are good sons, daddy?” and the dog ‘thinks’: “as long as we always obey mom, kid”

This one is also from Los Tiempos, April 20, 2012.

The person says: “our beloved President and great helmsman does not understand how are they financing the ninth protest-walk”

avernoy replies: “compadre [mate], it is financed like all the marches and demonstrations of the coca growers who sympathize with the MAS, chipping in from their own pockets, with great sacrifice!”

little devil: “my dad seems foolish, right nicola [dog]?”

And the dog thinks: “kid, to me [he] looks cynical and ironic!”

Juan Carlos Veliz reports for Pagina Siete:

Residents of San Ignacio de Moxos (Beni) yesterday began blocking roads to prevent the passage of vehicles that transport the indigenous people to Chaparina town for the beginning of the IX indigenous March in defence of the TIPNIS.

The Mayor of San Ignacio de Moxos, Basilio Nolvani [member of the MAS political party in government], was informed last night [4/21/12] to Pagina Siete that there are two points of blockade: the first Trinidad-San Ignacio de Moxos road and the second on the road to San Ignacio de Moxos-San Borja. “The people has been organized and is reinforcing these points so that it passes no one;” “also has instructed carriers [public transport] and we are coordinating to ensure that they do not lift passengers from Trinidad.” [so much for freedom of choice and transit, pretty much like anarchy right?]

This measure of pressure aims to curb the passage of vehicles that transport the indigenous people to San Borja, point of concentration for the IX indigenous March which must begin on Wednesday April 25.

Nolvani explained that “the main theme (of the blockade) is supporting the construction of the Villa Tunari-San Ignacio de Moxos and to prevent the 9th March from happening”. When consulted if San Ignacio de Moxos should become a point for the start of dialogue between the Government and indigenous leadership, said: “that is what we want, that San Ignacio be the seat of the dialogue”. [outrageous and cynical, after threats and blockades, they want to be the place where negotiation takes place? too much for objectivity…]

The President of the CIDOB, Adolfo Chávez, reported the first delegations of indigenous people attending the IX March began to move to Trinidad and from there to San Borja in buses and trucks.

He accused the Government of being behind this [blockade], similar to that one in Yucumo, during the mobilization of the 8th March, when settlers related to the MAS closed the passage to the column of marchers. After this fact more than 500 policemen arrived and reinforced the blockade under the argument to avoid clashes. Finally, on 25 September repressed violently to the indigenous people.

“More obstacles occur at the March, there will be more followers”, said Chavez.

So, lets show our support to the TIPNIS and CIDOB people, lets protect our environment!

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