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In six years, 20 presidential accusations against USA

Current Bolivian presidential hate to USA is no news and certainly goes in line with his populist, demagogue style; Pagina Siete reports:

The Government introduced from 2006 until last month [March 2012] at least 20 complaints against United States for conspiracy against President Evo Morales; financing the opposition and indigenous protests; and terrorism.

Pagina Siete made a bibliographical survey of the exposed accusations – generally – in public acts by President Morales or Government authorities; However, neither of these were clarified or at least according to caucusgoers in the MAS, are in the process of investigation.

In 2006, the Chief of State [current president] reported that when he was leader of the six federations of coca growers of the Cochabamba tropics, DEA employees sought to assassinate him when coca eradication operations were carried out.

In that same year and once there were attacks with dynamite in two hotels of La Paz, the president stated that United States was behind the terrorist attack because the main suspect of the Act was the American known as Lestat Claudius of [New] Orleans and Montevideo [Uruguay].

On several occasions and recently in November 2010, he accused the Government of that country of “coup” and “undemocratic” by allegedly promote coups in Latin America such as Honduras and Ecuador and recently ratified these statements because Cuba was not invited to the Summit of the Americas which will be in Colombia.

In May 2010 at a public event with the armed forces, the head of State affirmed that Governments which United States have protected, hid and promoted drug in other Nations to supposedly apply political control and blackmail them.

In February of this year, Morales also accused NGOs of being a “fifth instance” USA spy to his Government. The attack on non-governmental organizations as Cejis and Fobomade, accused of working with Usaid funding was common during his second term.

In 2008, when the so-called “media luna” [crescent is the name of the Pando, Beni, Santa Cruz, Chuquisaca and Tarija, geographically looked like one] initiated mobilizations against the deduction of the IDH [% of tax revenues on natural gas and oil exports] and against the new Constitution, there were actions that prevented Morales from landing at airports in five departments and was the most critical part of his administration time because it had generated a polarisation threatening to civil strife.

In fact, in September of that year in Pando, occurred the massacre of Porvenir [town] that left more than 13 dead between indigenous and followers of the “autonomy”.

He then accused the US Embassy of supporting this “conspiracy” and threw the then Ambassador, Philip Goldberg. He subsequently drove the DEA [out of Bolivia].

This complicated bilateral relations, the ambassadors were withdrawn and so far they have not been replaced, but recently signed an agreement of “mutual respect”.

During the making of the 8th March in defense of the TIPNIS, government authorities also launched various accusations against USA, Usaid, NGOs and the “right” [political wing] for funding the mobilization.

It was said that the US has a geopolitical program to protect the Amazon at any cost and again accused indigenous leaders from receiving funding from that Government.

Pagina Siete sought to discuss this issue with the Minister of the Presidency, Juan Ramón Quintana, but was not possible. The MAS parliamentary Lucio Marca, when consulted on this issue, said that raised complaints “are under investigation”.


So, it appears that a preferred way of current president and political party in power is to divert, to shift the attention using the USA, and the capitalism as scape goats. While recently a political summit of the MAS was confronted by internal fights, literally (as illustrated in El Diario’s cartoon, April 1, 2012); they are preparing the grounds for a third presidential mandate, such claim is not possible, most of us see that as unconstitutional; although we know that the coca growers political party and its president will continue to fight to impose that “reelection”.

There is no doubt that these type of attacks will continue… it is easy to badmouth and criticize to those who don’t care or feel threatened by this obscure political style.