Daily Archives: April 2, 2012

Are blockades a result of government’s in-EFFICIENCY?

It is not the first time that this government’s political party and current president are confronted with their past. A past full of strikes and blockades. This government has on average the most blockades ever as any other president in the history of the Republic of Bolivia, and certainly the new state they created.

The following cartoons express what happened during March 2012.

This one is from La Prensa, March 23 2012. A woman asks “arterial blockage or cardiac arrest?” and the man replies “no… blockade and medic strike”

This as a result of what turned into a political issue. Initially the government has tried to enforce eight-hour work day for the medics, they intern went on strike, to which the other health personnel supported the strike, they want to keep the six-hour work days. Now, government is threatening to replace those who don’t work with newly grads arriving from Cuba. So, the problem sculpted and the worst lies with sick people who don’t receive proper attention.

This one is from El Diario, March 25, 2012:

The mother of many children says “.. I have nine children that do not study for now! I will ask ‘evo’ to give me computers, for each one of them! if he doesn’t, we will blockade the ‘ceja’ in El Alto [site that connects with La Paz city], to the last consequences..!”

This illustrates some of the most ridiculous and nonsense requests from some of the people; and all of them always say “to the last consequences”, people tend to recite those words as well as hunger strikes as empty slogans. As the ‘blockade culture’ develops, society is more inclined to demand anything or else… anarchy is taking over our beautiful Bolivia.

In the meantime, productive Bolivia remains hostage with these attitudes and political inefficiencies.

This one is from El Diario, March 29, 2012:

Vice-president says “..little evo! what with this desire for heliports and helicopters? naughty, you like to go out of the country! isn’t it..?”

Current president says “it is not because of that.. is the best way to go out, avoiding so many blockades and blockades..!”

Time to receive a taste of their own medicine, while we continue to endure this absurd and useless practice since he assumed the coca growers’ leadership.