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An update: TIPNIS April 25, 2012 protest-walk is well underway, nothing will stop it!!

Pagina Siete reports about the struggle of the TIPNIS and CIDOB rights against current government’s policies:

Yesterday, the IV National Commission of the CIDOB ratified the realization of the IX indigenous march from April 25th, despite the fact that the Brazilian company OAS will cease construction of the Villa Tunari-San Ignacio de Moxos road through the TIPNIS.

The indigenous organization that will lead the mobilization, from Chaparina, defined a platform of seven demands.

The sectors belonging to this organization met yesterday in Santa Cruz, where the realization of the IX March [protest-walk] was confirmed, despite the announcement made by the Government to cancel the contract with the OAS.

“We have finished the IV Commission with the development of the platform of demands.” The name that will be the 9th March will be ‘for the defense of life and dignity, the indigenous territories, natural resources, biodiversity, the environment and protected areas, compliance with the Constitution and respect for democracy’ “, reported the President of the CIDOB, Adolfo Chávez.”

At the end of the meeting became know the seven thematic points that were adopted on the demand from indigenous people.

It is firstly the defence of the TIPNIS and the National Park and Aguaragüe integrated management Natural area.

They demand the punishment to those responsible for the repression of the VIII indigenous protest-walk, in compliance with the agreements of March 8th and programmatic agreements with CIDOB’s regionals.

They require the modification of the Electoral Regime Act, the incorporation of one representative from each nation and indigenous people in the Legislative Assembly elected by rules and procedures, as well as the participation of their representatives in the Constitutional Court and the Agroambiental [environment and agriculture].

They call for partial amendment of the law on jurisdictional boundary and the treatment of the proposal of the law of consultation of the CIDOB and Conamaq (National Council of Ayllus and Markas of the Qullasuyu), as well as the treatment of the proposed law of Integral Development of the Amazon.

The March will also require the cessation of the persecution of their leaders. The indigenous organization does not recognize no parallel organization which is promoted by the Government.

This March will not only include indigenous people, but it opens to other social sectors.


Current government’s leaders try for many ways (carrots and sticks) to stop this ninth protest-walk, to me it is highly important this protest takes place so we can protect ALL our National Parks!

This is from El Diario, April 10, 2012:

It shows the protest-walk with all the supporters:

Defenders of the National Lung; CIDOB; CONAMAQ; Defenders of Mother Earth (pacha mama); the Planet itself at the end…

To the side, the coca growers; illegal loggers and other interests…

THE FOLLOWING IS AN UPDATE 4/13/12 around 07:49:

HoyBolivia.com reports:

The President of the Confederation of indigenous peoples of Bolivia (Cidob), Adolfo Chávez, determined the suspension of the 9th March [could only take place] to the annulment of the law 222 of consultation to the natives of the Tipnis for the construction of a road in this reserve.

“If law 222 is abolished and [they] cut funding (for the road through the TIPNIS), that is by a law, there is no protest-walk”, stated.

He also mentioned the rejection of all the agreements signed between national authorities and some leaders of the region, when the presentation of the Protocol of the consultation in the communities of the Tipnis, took place.

He argued that the Cidob is not still seeing clear signals that the Government of President Evo Morales intends to back away from its intention to build a highway between Cochabamba and Beni by the indigenous territory, despite the fact that he [president] announced the termination of the contract with the OAS to the sections I and III.