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Current Bolivian economic and political struggle

The following recent cartoons portray our current frustrating reality:

This is from La Prensa, April 11, 2012.

A big ship emulating the Titanic, is going to crash with an iceberg who has “blockades, marches, strikes” all over. A person in the Bolivian ship says “let not happen like 100 years ago, we have time to detour”

That is how Bolivian society feels we are going towards to a catastrophe. An earlier post captured a depressing but current reality, for the last 41 years, as an average, Bolivia has had a strike and/or blockade per day!

So, how can we expect to have a better future for our children? Our self-esteem continues to suffer and our competitiveness, rather our lack of it, continues to undermine our living conditions.

This one is from Los Tiempos, April 16, 2012:

Two ‘blind’ talking about the economic crisis:

The person: “say that the European crisis will only impact those countries that have export businesses with them”

avernoy: “see, mate, and they say our rulers are not visionaries, thanks to them, we are safe, since we only export migrants to Europe!”

However, we have to keep in mind that there are greater number of those migrants without jobs out there, or with fewer income to send to their relatives.

We are loosing the great opportunity to invest properly those higher-than-ever-revenues due to extremely high prices on our commodities. State-owned enterprises offer little if any efficiency and competitiveness against our neighbors. Let alone long term jobs.

This one is from El Diario, April 17, 2012:

1st woman: “what are you doing in the laundry with those bills, Feliciana..?”

2nd woman: “..I’m laundering money! my ‘comadre’ (Godmother of her child) has bought several houses, she says that with laundered money you purchase in cash!”

It is incredible to see how inflated are housing prices, there is liquidity and certainly most of it, has dubious origins.