Daily Archives: April 27, 2012

TIPNIS protest-walk in defense of indigenous rights and a National Park, has started!!

Lily Soruco reports for El Deber’s website:

More than 400 indigenous people departed from Trinidad in route to the city of La Paz. Indigenous people trying to prevent the construction of a road through the indigenous territory and the Isiboro-Sécure National Park (TIPNIS), today they marched around the main square before embarking on the journey to the seat of Government.

Prior to leaving Beni’s capital, entered the Cathedral, where the parish priest, Adam Bravo, officiated a mass to give blessings to the walkers. Culminated the Eucharist, the indigenous group marched around the central plaza, general José Ballivián, then enfiladed by the Avenue Pedro Ignacio Muiba and out to the road.

The President of the Confederation of indigenous peoples of Bolivia (CIDOB), Adolfo Chávez, told to El Deber’s website that the caravan will depart tomorrow at 4: 00. “We will pass the Mamoré River and if the time permits us, we will reach the Fatima community to rest,” he said. Tonight we will sleep in the area of Los Puentes [the bridges], distant 16 kilometers of the capital-city.

On the other hand, Chávez also indicated that Fernando Vargas, President of the sub-central TIPNIS, has symptoms of dengue hemorrhagic fever, so he is being attended in the hospital of Trinidad.


I wish them success and hope they have a safe journey, free of intolerance and violence. I will report on this protest-walk as soon as news become available, please look after my Tweets also, thank you.