Daily Archives: April 7, 2012

A tale of two failures: EvoNOMICS and political INvoLUTION

Current government started saying they were going to give academic lectures on economics, they keep pushing with the de-dollarization of our economy, thus generating worst opportunities to our industry and welcoming smuggled goods (used and new) into our markets.

This cartoon is from El Diario, March 12, 2012. You can see how Chinese merchandise is threatening the rustic and incipient Bolivian industry, source of labor for our white and blue-collar workers.

A real threat and current government insist on creating state-owned industries without a market assessment nor efficiency principles. They just do it for the sake of it and because they claim they are socialist, communist, populist, indigenists and the 21st century proud affiliates of the ALBA. Having relationships with Iran, Syria, and the late Libya. All of those who can provide very little if any support to our economy, rather they are countries worldwide know for their terrorist support activities and open antagonism towards western civilization, which we are proudly member of, regardless what some politicians may think about.

This cartoon is from El Dia, March 23, 2012. A ‘guilty’ party is expecting the results of coca leaf ‘reading’ to be executed. This infamous insult to the Law came from one of the political appointees of current government, a pre-selected candidate who received little voting but came to office, to what used to be the Bolivian Supreme Court. This individual said that he throws coca leafs to make his rulings… later on, due to public mockery said he didn’t but then he said that coca leaf is the way to find guilt or innocence in a trial.

So much for the 21st century revolution and the government of change… while countries worldwide accept the rule of law and there is jurisprudence and rationale over Napoleonic law principles, here we are returning to the dark ages. Who could be sure that Bolivian justice will defend us from assassins, narcotraffickers and thieves? It is rather an involution of our society.

This chart is from Pagina Siete (April 4, 2012), it shows the number of employees each ministry has. Just take a look at the number of public servants the Ministry of Government has regarding the rest. Is it because of priorities? enforcement? don’t we live under a democracy and shouldn’t our resources be devoted more to sustainable development practices?

If you have the time to add up all those ministries who are more bureaucratically in nature than helping society to produce, to protect our environment, you may come to the conclusion that Bolivia is loosing competitiveness with neighboring countries. Too much bureaucracy, very little efficiency.