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Two Brazilian congressmen want their Congress to repudiate current Bolivian government

This report from El Dia, and it is also worth remembering that the Acre used to be Bolivian soil.

Two members of the Congress of the State of Acre, Brazil, blamed the Government of Evo Morales by the increase in drug trafficking in the region. Statements made following the first demonstration against the crack and other drugs, as it happened on April 16th, in front of the Legislative Palace in Acre’s capital city, Rio Branco.

Parliamentarians Asterio Moreira and Major Rocha statements were disseminated through bulletins issued by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Acre, on the 17th and 18th of this month.

Evo Morales’ incentive to the cultivation of coca. Mr Moreira said that, in its history, Brazil was never so vulnerable to the entry of drugs thanks to the incentive of the President Evo Morales, the cultivation of coca in his country and the omission of his Peruvian colleague Ollanta Humala.

Rocha coincided in the growth of drug trafficking in Acre and Brazil is a consequence of the policy of Morales. He said that Bolivia is responsible for almost all the drug that enters Acre and destroys families. “Nevertheless, the Government (of Brazil) and the authorities treat the neighbouring country with benevolence, as companion and comrade. This differential treatment tends to aggravate the problem, because it is how the cocalero is treated. That citizen is one of the main responsible for the advancement of violence in our territory.”

Trafficking in cocaine to Brazil rose by 200%. Moreira, for his part, said that “drug trafficking has tentacles in the Government of Evo Morales and the numbers show that the production and the cocaine trade expanded during his tenure”. He added that the production is made on the argument that the coca is a cultural plant of the country, but is used to attract dollars.

The parliamentarian cited an article of the Institute Plinio Correa de Oliveira, leader of the Tradition, Family and Property Movement, which indicated that cocaine production increased by 41% in the Government of Evo Morales and traffic for Brazil rose by 200 per cent.

Requires a motion of repudiation of Bolivia. The Deputy called the Legislative Assembly to route a note of repudiation against the Peruvian and Bolivian governments. “Repudiate the Peruvian and Bolivian Governments because they collaborate with the increase in drug use and drug-dependency, they produce and the State of Acre purchase and consume drugs. The production of drugs in those countries could supply the world,” he said.


Strong words as a result of having a person who continues to be head of the coca growers as well as currently ‘performing’ as President of Bolivia…