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TIPNIS protest-walk update, as of April 18, 2012

As reported in El Deber’s website:

The indigenous leader lamented that a week away from the mobilization, the President Evo Morales along with the Acting Governor of Beni Haisen Rivera, continue giving “gifts” to the villagers that inhabit the Isiboro Sécure National Park; looking after “splitting” the indigenous people and promote the failure of the Ninth March, which will have the support of various social organizations of the capital cities of the departments.

Vargas said that indigenous people do not fear to a possible intervention of civil society groups related to the political party in power, MAS, because it considers that they [the indigenous people] constitute the moral reserve of the social sectors that seek to avoid irreparable damage to this protected area.

“We will do the protest-walk no matter who opposes, there is our constitutional right, but beyond that, the indigenous people and the Bolivian people have the right to live in dignity without anyone destroying their environment and their Habitat, and in this case the indigenous people of the TIPNIS are demanding this right, which is the respect for our Habitat, life and the environment” said Vargas to PAT [TV channel].

President Evo Morales expressed regret Tuesday that the Confederation of indigenous peoples of Bolivia (CIDOB) does not want to sign agreements with the Government, which is why that these agreements inside of the TIPNIS, he will do with the ‘corregidores’ [local authorities] as it has been under way for weeks.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of Environment and Waters have finalized the details for the ‘prior consultation’ Protocol, who believe holding it from May 10 to June 10 in 68 communities of the natural reserve.

However, the President of the Chamber of Deputies [former Congress] opened the possibility of changing the date of the previous ‘query’, but within the framework of the dialogue and consultation with the indigenous communities of the TIPNIS, at the request of the Organization of United Nations (UN) to modify the law 222 and extend the period of consultation.


So we see current government pushing in many ways that the protest-walk does not happen as it will damage the government’s credibility in-house and abroad. Kudos for the brave TIPNIS and CIDOB leaders who are fighting for the preservation of ALL our national parks and reserves.