Daily Archives: April 8, 2012

From Bolivia with love: HAPPY EASTER

Bolivia is mostly a Christian society, and mainly Catholic, and as such today is even greater than Christmas itself! So, I wanted to share these lovely images of the Holy Spirit, one from a stained glass I bought in Washington DC a few years back and a colonial painting from one of our Andean Catholic Churches we have in the highlands of La Paz, Potosi and Oruro, picture I took some years ago, in one of my work related trips around our beautiful country.

I wish you ALL happy Easter!!

The representations of the Holy Spirit came from one I found on one of my trips to Washington DC and I bought it because it is simply lovely. The second one, I took a photograph of; it was at a very old Catholic Church in the highlands of Bolivia … despite the centuries it was there, still offering the sentiment of Christianity.

[regarding the ornament I bought, I was kindly advised to place this: “© First Presbyterian Church, Springfield, IL” as it was suggested … I must say that after having my two undergrad bachelors in the mid-west, never had I suspected it is said to be originated in Springfield, I certainly would have visited it …]