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Illegal settlers invaded private productive land in Santa Cruz

El Dia reports over 50,000 hectares being taken over illegally:

Oil producers are in emergency because more than 400 people have taken 50,000 productive hectares on the outskirts of the community of Chihuahua, the municipality of Cuatro Cañadas, and fear that if the Government does not intervene any time [soon], there will be a confrontation between producers and invaders (avasalladores) and [there could be] loss of human lives.

Thus announced it yesterday Demetrio Perez, President of the National Association of producers of oil and wheat (ANAPO).

Perez pointed out that in the affected area, it is estimated that there are more than 200 people; however, unofficial source pointed out that they were more than 400.

“This is an issue that dates back seven years ago, there is a stagnation in the agricultural frontier and if this situation is not stopped, it can get worse and affect the demand for food, production trend can be lowered and will be dependent on the export of other countries”, said Perez, who repeated several times that the relevant authorities take action in the case.

For his part, Luis Fernando Asturizaga, legal adviser of Anapo pointed out that the INRA must also intervene, that these complaints are known to this institution.

“They (the avasalladores) have the argument that the lands belong to them and that foreigners (land owners) must go.”It is a wrong speech, why take the corresponding actions and avoid clashes between producers and ‘avasalladores’ and not expect dead casualties.

The public prosecutor’s Office maintains reserve. The Prosecutor in charge of this issue, Henry Flores, who first said he ignored anything about this issue, pointed out that there are complaints on the intakes of lands and just said that in coming days, there will be a Visual inspection in the area of Chihuahua.

“I don’t know the topic, but I know that there will be Visual inspection in the area in the coming days, I know that it is in Chihuahua, I cannot give you further details,” said the Prosecutor.


As ANAPO says a “seven-year problem” and current prosecutor is not aware?… anarchy, lack of private property protection and food security in jeopardy are the initial problems… what do we need to do to live peacefully, produce and prosper??!! For one, current government must cease demagogue and enforce existing laws!!