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Bolivian military role to follow the Constitution or the political ruler of the day?

Bolivian humor has always good sources to show the ridicule and to have some laughs…

This is from Los Tiempos, March 27, 2012:

The title: Military at the MAS reunion [political party ‘congress’]

One says: “Per the constitution, neither the army nor the police can deliberate, or participate in partisan political action!”

The other replies: “Don’t be a fool, check the history. The military have even ruled the country over the constitution!” The kid says: “what is the famous constitution for?” and the dog replies: “it’s like God boy, we remember of her when we need it and it is useful to us!”

This one is from La Prensa, March 29, 2012:

One of the generals of the new State Army, look at the coca leafs in the hat and the “new flag” while he is doing the salute in the way the MAS had invented. While the Constitution is torn-apart, in special article 245 that prevents military from engaging in politics…

So that is the state of play in Bolivian politics… not even the military were able to scape from it… and the Constitution? what happened???!