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Amid the chaos, there is light and hope in Bolivia

There are at least three major violent struggles in Bolivia this week. The health strike fighting the eight-hour day-work that current government stubbornly advocates, as if that would be the main cause to improve health attention. The TIPNIS march that had to postpone one day the start of their protest-walk, starting from Trinidad as the road blockade and threats continue. The two-day strike of the main worker’s union of Bolivia (COB.

Well, there is light and hope in Bolivia, despite all the above, this wonderful news by Carla Paz appeared in El Deber:

A visit to the supermarket and finding a product in 40 minutes was the spark that inspired the university students Stefanie De Chazal and Jackelin Roca (both 19 years old) to invent the software Gusindo, a locator ideal for shopping malls. This initiative will allow travel to Gasglow (Scotland) to train and improve their project, with the support of Banco Santander.

De Chazal is attending the fifth semester of commercial engineering and so is Roca in business.

Mary Esther Parada, Dean of the Faculty of business sciences of the UPSA, said that work won the entrepreneurship fair organised by the University and was then selected to participate in Viña del Mar in the contest KickStart 2011 Latin American Innovation, an event funded by the ALFA III programme of the European Commission. There were a hundred innovative projects from Costa Rica, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Chile.

The advantage of Gusindo is that it solves the need to search for a product, and only requires the company to have a computer that will install the software, explained Parada.

Thus, in the category of innovation, Gusindo was selected to enable their creators with an internship in Scotland.

De Chazal said that they already patented the idea and there are companies interested in the software, including the supermarket chain Hipermaxi, but they want to improve the product. Meanwhile, Roca traveled to La Paz to obtain her visa.


These type of news we want! These type of people we need! Kudos and respect to them! Go forward, always forward, amid all the chaos we have to live in.Stefanie De Chazal and Jackelin Roca made it to The Hall of Bolivian Fame.