Is democracy lost in current Bolivia?

El Dia’s Editorial:

Who will save democracy?

El Dia logoPresident Morales has returned to affirm that his political project or maybe he, coming to be the same, have become to stay indefinitely at the Quemado Palace. He says, after at least six political groupings have practically confirmed to participate in the general elections of 2014.

The presidential statement has been released more than one year of elections which are vital for the future of the ruling party, because it’s the moment that is confirmed or not, the clear hegemony that has achieved over the past eight years and allow him to proclaim that sort of reign for life.

Such confidence of the head of State comes when many analysts, political scientists and experts have predicted a significant downturn of the electoral preferences of the MAS, data that it has a strong basis in some opinion polls, the results of several municipal and regional elections and also the loss of some key political bastions for the ruling party as the city of La Paz, where the balance seems to have definitely leaned against him.

A politician and even people with less stature of the President, would be unable to admit their weaknesses, that’s logical, but there is no doubt that his enthusiasm rises and flows to the surface after confirming he will again compete virtually only, free of contenders in the upcoming elections.

Of course there is no mood to disqualify candidates from the opposition, but none of them appears to have fallen on account of the size of the contender, which also has all the State apparatus, all resources and personnel to attack with an overwhelming campaign. If it is true that the MAS will hardly reach 54 per cent of the 2005 or the 64 per cent of the 2009 elections, but it will surely be able to maintain the same distances with the rest of the candidates, if they insist on the idea of going separate for the presidential race.

Some forecasts anticipate that in the coming months they will continue presenting more candidates and some believe that they could reach eight candidates for the Presidency. It is obvious that faced with this panorama, Evo Morales has sufficient guarantees to cheer, not only an early triumph, but a new period of great political backlash, which has served over the years to cover all of the power in the country, with carte blanche to use all the instruments of State to harass and persecute his opponents.

It has become clear that officialdom has little interest to strengthen democracy, but quite the contrary, its purpose is to perpetuate an autocratic model, premise that already doesn’t even care to hide. Therefore, the mission to recover the democratic values and re-routing the country toward the rule of law, corresponds to leaders who maintain a constant struggle for freedom, but they unfortunately refuse to join forces, pettiness that makes them complicit in the institutional decay that we are living.

Everything indicates that the eight years of the criminalization of politics and persecution have not been sufficient as to which opposition can articulate a single speech and a single view to save democracy.

Undoubtedly we are living under ochlocracy and neglect to learn from Venezuela’s ordeal!

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