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Bolivian ochlocracy “offers” [threatens with] more nationalizations…

From the editorial page of El Dia:

About telephone companies and insecurity

El Dia logoWhat we Bolivians came to find out now. It is now known that the responsible for the insecurity in the country are two private telephone, for allegedly not cooperating in the investigation of the kidnappings and other serious crimes. The Government has been drastically in threatening to nationalize these companies if they do not change their attitude and mimic what the state-owned telecommunications company is doing. Before the adoption of such so drastic determination, we would have to see if what is said is so true. The nationalized telephone company should demonstrate its efficiency and for example, help to catch all the members of the international cartels of the drug and its illustrious accomplices; to the dangerous car robbers that are still getting cars stolen in Chile and changing them by drug; traffickers carrying cocaine to the borders with Argentina and Brazil; the smugglers, the takeovers of land in the Bolivian East and mine invaders in the West. But there is more, to help catch the police corruption and officials of the ministries who work together with prosecutors in these misdeeds. Citizenship would be gladly replace current security services by a two or three telephone private or national that do an efficient job.


The illegitimate re-re-election is forcing current president and his acolytes to open their mouth without thinking… no wonder current president is nowadays called the “Mission Impossible”, as it is said that every time he opens his mouth, he destroys himself in less than five minutes…