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Do Bolivians live under a disguised dictatorship? YES, beyond ANY doubt!!!

EFE reports in El Deber:


Ferraco says that Bolivia lives a ”disguised dictatorship”

2013-08-29 02.31.58 pmThe President of the Commission of Foreign Affairs of the Brazilian Senate, Ricardo Ferraço, who collaborated on the exit of the Bolivian opposition legislator Roger Pinto to Brazil, said today that Bolivia lives a ”disguised dictatorship”.

Ferraco told foreign correspondents, that Bolivian President, Evo Morales, is the “most responsible for” the way in which took place the exit of Pinto from the Brazilian Embassy in La Paz, in which he was received on May 28, 2012. However, he also said that part of the ‘responsibility’ is from the Brazilian Government, which was “indifferent” to the case.

Despite the granting of a diplomatic asylum in June 2012, Pinto could not travel to Brazil for lack of a safe-conduct from the Government of Bolivia, which refused to grant it because the Senator responds to various processes by corruption and already has a sentence to one year in prison.

Ferraco said that the Government of Bolivia “has justice in their hands” and that the country lives “a disguised dictatorship”.

By not granting him the safe-conduct, “Morales not respected the asylum granted” to Pinto by Brazil, which in turn was “indolent” by letting the “asylum to be transformed into a prison”, said Ferraco, who last Saturday moved to the border town of Corumba to greet the Bolivian Senator.

Ferraco admitted that he did not informed nor the Foreign Ministry or to the Brazilian Government of this “operation”, but said that he did so because both one and another had been [guilty by] “omissions” in the case of Senator Pinto.

According to Ferraco, Rousseff’s Government “curved” against Morales by “ideological” interests, and not lobbied in favor of the safe-conduct for the Bolivian Senator who had been hosted at the Embassy as “persecuted politician”.

According to Ferraco, the “indifference” of Brazil and the “intransigence” of the Bolivian Government led to seek for an “unorthodox solution” in the case of Senator Pinto.

The Bolivian Government has asked that Brazil “return” the Senator and today announced in La Paz that the Attorney General has requested Interpol for his “capture” and “surrender”.

Pinto, for his part, has presented a request for refuge to the authorities of the National Commission for Refugees (Conare), a body that depends on the Ministry of Justice of Brazil.

In that sense, Ferraco said that he has received un-confirmed “information” that the shelter would be “granted” and that Pinto will set residence in the State of Acre, border with Bolivia.



Crystal clear.

Thank you SO much Senator Ricardo Ferraço!