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Disappointing behavior of Santa Cruz “leaders”…

2013-09-14 09.36.33 pmOver the last eight years, Santa Cruz remained as the oasis, the hope that the ruling ochlocracy was going to be restrained… it was with great disappointment that the cruceño leadership surrendered to the coca-grower and populist political party…

The following excerpts and links for full articles in Spanish, describe the sentiment of those Bolivians who envision better days but are outraged for what happened over the last few days…

Greek presents for Santa Cruz, by Maggy Talavera in Pagina Siete:

“The question now is what will happen immediately and how will this, new victory of the Ulysses’ multi-country, have an affect on the Trojans of the East. Depends on not only the fate of these two actors or blocks in the voracious struggle as recently as a couple of years, but also the fate of the great majority of Bolivia, those who allude and others when they feel that they lose ground or the need to justify their miserable pragmatisms that tend to be accompanied, not infrequently, by defeats.”


Entrepreneurship as a problem for freedom, by Enrique Fernandez in El Dia

“The defense of liberalism becomes difficult when one of its beneficiaries, the business community, have servility as a master. As I see, the preaching in favor of a reverse order to abuses, thanks to which our development can be positive, does not touch them. Its course is on another path. Any transaction, even if it entails the delivery of the similar, is blessed by an unscrupulous pursuit of profit. While produce satisfactions, kiss the left hand of the ruler, be it dictator or just an apprentice of tyrant, becomes one of the habits adopted without much hesitation. I clarify that it is stupid to censor the search for higher returns; regardless of its class, the stagnation should be considered harmful. The problem assumed that, in exchange for tiny-bitty things, it is possible to sacrifice the validity of the democratic system. According to their behavior, the business is partnering with the mainstream so that, when they are not annoying their neighbor, will enable them to increase their flow. They do not worry that, in order to obtain some joys, silence be imposed in regard to the public sphere. The ability to thrive is larger than its sovereignty.”


The wedding of the year, by Humberto Vacaflor in El Diario:

“The marriage of Expocruz with Evo Morales was the event of the year, that left mouths open everywhere, and many questions.

The omission of the hymn to Santa Cruz in the September 24, ceremony was the consummation of these blood wedding. No one suspected the delivery to reach both. Expected that some modesty could still be there.

Some analysts believe that it is of approaches that have only to do with the election campaign, but then things will be back on track. Of course, that open wounds, the lost virginity, may not be composing.

The questions that remain are many, apart from the gestures of indignation.”


We demand those “leaders” to reconsider their “personal” interests and embrace those of the majority, we cannot surrender to ochlocracy!